Thursday, 10 April 2014

Better pack a suitcase

My son had his MRI scan this week and it confirmed what the ultrasound had shown. He has a tumor just in front of and slightly below his right kidney (at least I believe its his right one).

We went to the hospital on Wednesday and they did the scan. Following that we popped up to the children's outpatient department and saw his consultant.

After a nice chat with the Community Nurse that has looked after him since he was first diagnosed with leukemia we went in to see the consultant who explained that it was a tumor but that he didn't think it was a lymphoma as its not grown since it was spotted as a shadow.

He also explained that both our local hospital and Bristol have been talking to each other behind the scenes. All that was needed was for the scan results to be sent to Bristol for the doctors to look at and decide how they want to approach things.

Today he got back to us. The doctors in Bristol do not think that the tumor is cancerous and are trying to organise for him to be admitted at the end of next week or more likely after Easter so that they can operate on him get a proper look at the tumor.

So next week I get a few days quiet while the rest of the family go to my sister-in-laws and then after Easter, unless they squeeze him in towards the end of next week, we head up to Bristol for his operation.

The annoying thing about the timing of all this is that according to his consultant here its going to take about 2 weeks for him to recover after the operation. If he has the operation after Easter that will mean that he wont be back in school until early May, just in time to start his exams and then finally finish school. The hospital have said they'll speak to the school to make sure that he gets the support he needs to do his exams. Fingers crossed that the tumor is benign and nothing serious and the school manage to get everything sorted to support him through his last few weeks at school.

Oh and if you want a really riveting read, here's the blog that we wrote when he underwent his bone marrow transplant.


  1. Tumors are never good news, but I'm glad you got a diagnosis and they are confident it isn't the worst case scenario. I'm really happy to hear that, hon.

    Continued good thoughts are heading your way every day, hon. :c)

    Hugs & love,

  2. Thanks Cass.
    Hopefully will hear something from the hospital this week and can get our little trip sorted.

    Hugs and hopefully a pain free week for you (yes, I've just read your latest blog post)