Sunday, 5 June 2011

Some progress

The other week my other half and I went around to a friend's house. Two of the cell groups from our church had decided to meet up and have a bit of a get together. It was a good evening and everyone enjoyed themselves.

A few days later I was getting ready to go out and switched on my mobile phone to discover that I had a voicemail message. I was tempted to stick the speakerphone on and listen to it but for some reason changed my mind and listened to it normally. I'm glad I did as what I heard took me by surprise and would have caused some awkward questions as my son was stood a few feet away and would have heard what was said.

The message was from a friend, S, who had been at the social and who had, along with our vicar's wife, spoken to my other half. She'd asked them if we could meet up so that we could discuss how we were going to explain my transitioning to our son. The call was to arrange a time to meet up.

I got back in touch with S and we arranged to meet up the following Monday.

On the Monday evening we met up with S, our vicar and his wife. We talked about what was happening, I didn't say any more than I needed to and left everyone else to do most of the talking. In the end we agreed that we would sit down and explain things to my son next Monday after we returned from a weekend in mid Wales.

The trip to Wales has now been cancelled and so we're going to sit down with him and explain things on the Saturday evening which will give him the Sunday to take things in before he has to go to school. Also gives him the chance to talk to his youth group leader if he wants to on the Sunday.

The wife admitted while we were discussing how to tell him that she'd got upset at church one morning recently and had told our son's youth group leader what was going on. At least she told me about it eventually.

The Wednesday after we've told our son we're going to explain things to our cell group so that they can provide my wife with the support she's going to need in the months ahead. It will also stop them from wondering what is going on as we've been told a few of them have noticed that things haven't been right between the two of us for a while.

At the end of the evening as we were heading back to our car my other half decided that as she was in a sharing mood that she'd carry on with this. As we were just about to get into the car she turned to me and said that she had told A and J, two of our non-church friends, that I dressed as a female. She'd done that a little while back. Recently she told them about me transitioning.

Now I've no idea when she told them so I don't know if I've seen them since. Now that I know it will be interesting to see how they react when I do see them next time. Especially if I meet them without the rest of the family around.

Anyway one more week until my son finds out about  my plans. I'll post about how it goes afterwards.

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