Friday, 17 June 2011

If only you knew

I have one of the best comments ever.

Last weekend I was in Tesco doing some shopping with my family. As we were wandering around I bumped into one of the guys from work. We stopped and chatted for a couple of minutes before we both had to go off and finish our shopping.

Yesterday in work I was going to get a coffee when I bumped into the same guy. We greeted each other and as we were walking along the corridor he turned to me, apologised and said he hoped that I wouldn't take any offense by what he was about to say.

Before I could get a word in, he continued to tell me that after we'd been talking he'd caught up with his girlfriend who had asked who the woman was he'd been talking with.

I immediately thought "Oh, I didn't introduce you to my other half." I'm terrible at doing things like that. Sorry hun if you ever come across my blog and are reading this.

He continued to tell me that he'd asked his girlfriend which woman. Her response was what tickled me.

"The blonde woman with the frizzy hair."

Blonde woman? My other half has dark hair.

Oh! Blonde, frizzy hair. That would be me then.

Ok, his girlfriend was the other end of the store so can be forgiven for being mistaken but from a distance, with my hair loose, I must be starting to look like a woman from the right angle.

Of course if I look like that from a distance in a supermarket then I'm not surprised if people at work are starting to figure out that something is happening with me when I wear my hair loose.

I don't know if this guy has kept this conversation with his girlfriend to himself or mentioned it to other colleagues. I guess I'll find out in due course.

Anyway, what he told me made my day so much that I was giggling with delight as I stood washing my hair and tidying my appearance in the toilets after parting company with him.


  1. A potentially awkward moment that worked out very well. Good on ya Jenny.
    sissygurl belinda

  2. It will be interesting if he starts regaling our colleagues with this story but I doubt he will. :-)