Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Catch up, again

Yesterday as I was sitting at my desk in work the phone rang, it was our personnel department.
A few weeks ago I'd had a catch up session with the person who is my point of contact, as far as transitioning is concerned, so that I could explain to them that there were two people that knew what was going on. At that time we talked about what I was going to do if the news got out more generally. As a result I agreed that I needed to work out a transition plan and how we were going to announce things to people.

When the phone rang yesterday my contact asked if we could meet up so I said yes, I needed to explain about the weekend's events anyway.

At lunchtime I popped along to the personnel department and we went and sat in an empty office where we weren't going to be disturbed.

After a bit of general chat my contact took the lead in the conversation before I could tell her what was going on.

What she had to tell me was, as I told her, the worse possible thing she could have said at that time.

It would seem that at least one other person at work knows what is happening with regards to me as they have been to discuss the matter. I don't know who it is, how many people actually know or how they worked out that I'm transitioning. Neither does my contact in personnel.

OK, I've been growing my hair out and also having it highlighted a blonde colour but that doesn't mean that I'm having gender reassignment. Its a big leap to make.  Yes I've had my eye lashes tinted but again, even if you noticed it, then it would be a massive leap to come up with what is happening.

I have no problem with people knowing, it was bound to happen at some point, it would be nice to know who it was discussed me with personnel and how they managed to come to the correct conclusion. I doubt that I'll find out though but who knows, that person might decide to come and talk to me in person. It has to be someone that I know though because otherwise how would that person know who I am?

Maybe I'll find out, maybe I wont. This weekend we're away so I'll be taking time to work out how I'm going to deal with people at work knowing what is going on if it does become general knowledge.

I did find out last night while talking with a friend that people are asking about me, specifically some of her family, they'd noticed my hair and also thought that they'd seen me wearing mascara.  Damn that blue black tint, fat too noticeable!

I did manage to tell my personnel contact about telling my son last weekend and what had happened and why her news wasn't the best. I've got a few days to think about things and then I'll sit down to go over things early next week with personnel.

Aaaaggggghhhh! Why can't life be easy.

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