Friday, 10 June 2011

Bonding session

Today I had a nice hour and a half bonding session with my son.

Back in March I joined the local leisure centre and have been using their gym. At the time I joined the young lady that helped me to complete my application told me that if I had any teenagers at home then I could add them to my membership for a couple of pounds a month. At the time I didn't think too much of it because other than swimming and cycling around near our house, my son isn't the most sporty of people.

The other week while he was getting dressed I couldn't help but notice how thin and gaunt he looks. His past medical history has not lent itself to him carrying a lot of bulk around. Even so I thought that he looked too thin.

I mentioned to him that if he wanted we could get him membership at the leisure centre and he could use the gym and work on improving his cardio fitness and also do some work with weights in order to build up his muscles. It turns out that he can't use the weights for another 6 months because he's not old enough just yet. However, he can use the cardio equipment.

We got him membership last weekend and today he had his gym induction. The two of us went down and the gym manager showed him how to use the equipment. She was really good and made it all fun to do.

After she had finished the two of us went back onto the running machine and then he had a few more goes on some of the other equipment. I think his favourite is the rowing machine.

It was good fun being able to spend some time together and hopefully we'll be able to have two of these sessions each week from now on.

Tomorrow evening we're going out for a meal and when we get back home my other half and I are going to be sitting down with him to explain about my plans to transition. He knows some things about me and knows that we're going to be having a chat about things, just not what exactly. We almost had this conversation last year but it got put off. I'm just hoping and praying that he takes this in his stride like he's taken so much else in his stride over the years.

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