Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Going out

In the last 8 months I've been out as myself a grand total of twice.

The first was last summer when I went to Sugar and Spiced for the first ever time and with Jo's help went for a walk in the afternoon to the local cemetary where I had lots of pictures of me taken.

The second time was in December when I again went to see Jo and this time had a much shorter trip out which took us into the local shopping area and then around a few of the side streets before returning back to Jo's.

On the both occasions I drove back from Portmouth without bothering to get changed and remove my make-up. Both times I stopped to see my hairdresser, the first time for a hair appointment and so she could see what I looked like with make-up in order to work out the best thing to do with my hair. The second time to say hello.

Tomorrow I've got my next burlesque lesson in Bristol. I'm going to be up at 5am, washed, shaved, hair styled (to the best of my ability) in a feminine style, make-up on, skirt and top then out of the house before 7am and the rest of the neighbours start moving around and going to work. My lesson is at 10am at the teachers home because I didn't want it to be at her friends house because of her husband and children being around. It wasn't possible to get another venue which is a mixed blessing as it would most likely have been in the city centre and meant me parking the car and then walking to the dance studio and back with lots of people about. A great test of how I deal with lots of other people but one that I might need some help with in order to do the first time. Especially as I don't have other people doing my hair and make-up for me.

At least the venue is away from the city centre so it will be a bit easier for me.

After the lesson I'm hoping that I'll be able to catch up with one of my friends in order that she can finally meet Jenny. That should be an interesting experience for us both.

It does look though that at least on the way up I'm going to be stopping off at the services on the motorway in order to stretch the journey out a little bit. On the way back it will be a bit easier as hopefully I can make a straight trip back. Only problem is that in order to get back into the house without running the guantlet of the neighbours I might just have to remove my make-up. I will be so glad when everything is out in the open and I don't have to do that.

Pictures and report when I get back.

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