Friday, 25 February 2011

Long day - but what a day!

Yesterday I was up at 4:45am in order to get ready to travel from home to Bristol for my burlesque lesson. Bristol is just over an hour drive away but I needed to be away before the natives were up and about so that they wouldn't be disturbed by the sight of me in makeup.

I shaved and then had a leisurely coffee and a bit of a read of the book I'm working through at the moment (Raymond E. Feist's At the Gates of Darkness) in order to let my skin settle.

Foundation and powder followed with another break in order to allow me to try to work some straightener magic with my hair.

Back to the make-up and the rest of it was slapped on. With my face finally in a reasonable state I went over my hair a second time and then left it at that.

I got dressed, finished sorting out my  sports bag and handbag and with a deep breath left the house and made my way across the 50 or so yards to my car. Bags on back seat, key in ignition, satnav on windscreen...

Satnav? Where is the satnav? Oh no, its back in the house. A 50 yard walk back to the house, in, pick up Satnav and then walk back to the car.

Nobody saw me so I was fine.

As my lesson was at 10am I had plenty of time to spare and so took the scenic route to Bristol via the M5. I stopped off at one of the services and sat in the car drinking a coffee from the flask I'd taken for that purpose. I was there for about an hour quietly enjoying reading my book.

Eventually I set off again and after an uneventful journey arrived in Bristol at the dance instructors home. With ample space in the street I was able to park my car within yards of her house.

There was nobody around so it was a short walk to the door, knock and then get let in.

The lesson went well, we worked on a few extra techniques and then started putting them together into the finished routine. It basically consists of a lot of strutting, bumps and grinds, removal of gloves and stockings and some boa work. Oh and a lot of fun for everyone.

The last run through of the lesson was recorded so I've got something to look over to check what I'm doing. My next lesson is in 2 weeks time, right after my next psychiatrist appointment, and we'll be polishing the it so that shortly I'll be able to actually perform it to a select group of people.

My instructor has also extended an invitation to me to join some classes and to perform in one of the dance school showcase performances. I'm going to think about those though. Maybe once I've done this performance.

After the lesson I headed homeward with another stop planned,, this time to visit with my friend K. We had a lovely lunch together and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting about this and that. It was the first time that K had met Jenny even though she's seen pictures. The afternoon was fabulous and we talked and talked.

There were two interruptions, one from some boys wanting to see her son who is away, and the other from H, our vicar's wife.

The latter visit wasn't expected and K would have been willing to put her off or even usher me upstairs out of the way but in the end as H knows about me, although she also hasn't seen Jenny in the flesh just some pictures, I said it was ok if she came in and called out a warning to H to be prepared as I wasn't how she usually saw me.

We all chatted about how things were going for each of us until eventually H had to leave. Up until yesterday nobody knew that K was aware of my plans. Well at least one person does now, and also is aware that I know what is going on in K's life. I expect I'll be pulled to one side and be having a chat with a couple of people at our church soon.

Eventually I had to borrow K's bathroom to put on some boy clothes and do a quick make-up removal so that I could return home. I still have to be careful where the neighbours are concerned. In the end I didn't see anyone close up, saw one in the distance but I doubt he registered my presence, but it was still very light and all it would take would be for one of them to see me and, even if they didn't recognise me, my going into the house would start some discussions.

The day eventually drew to a close with me trying to write this post while sitting on the bed at 9pm. At 10:30 when I woke up having fallen asleep I decided that enough was enough for one day and finally crawled into bed in my nightie and fell asleep properly after a very long and tiring day.

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