Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fill in the blanks

Livi over at Livi's Little Bubble posted a response to a post by HUN over at Up North, entitled “Fill in the blanks”.

It was interesting so here is my take on it.

I am...
lots of things
someone colleagues go to for help and to ask questions.
a friend
a son/daughter
a brother/sister - although the last is a bit of a sore point
a parent
a budding burlesque performer
a transsexual
and not what you expect

but most of all
I am me and what I make of myself.

The bravest thing I have ever done...
was staying strong for my family when my son relapsed for the second time after treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. A transplant that we weren't given very good odds of it being successful. Nearly three years on and he's still with us even though we've had a few scares along the way.

I feel prettiest when...
Lou has done my hair. When my highlights have been redone, my hair has been trimmed and then put into a bit more of a feminine style for me to go home with.

Something that keeps me awake at night is...
paying the bills, being busy at work and having a particularly interesting problem to resolve, transitioning and how people will react, thinking about those people that are really special to me.

My favourite meal is...
anything that includes mushrooms or strawberries but not both in the same dish. I love mushrooms, I could eat a huge plate of them on their own. There is something about button mushrooms whether whole or cut in halved that makes them taste delicious. I love strawberries, especially if they come with several scoops of vanilla icecream. Bliss.

The way to my heart is...
to tell me that you love me, accept how I really am and not the person that is presented to the majority of world at the moment, to want to help me to grow and to release the woman that is inside. To tell me all these and to be honest and truthful when you do, not to tell me what you think I want to hear. To be that special person for whom I will open my heart and allow myself to become vulnerable to whatever you do or say.

I would like to be...
loved by someone really special, who understands me and supports me and wants to see me grow as a woman.

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