Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The day has arrived

and its a lovely sunny day outside, I can see across the fields to the sea today. Birds are singing. It really is a beautiful day. I'm so glad that its not dark and dingy or raining.

I managed to get a decent night sleep thanks to a sleeping tablet. Not a solid night sleep as I woke a couple of times but enough to get me through to 6am without tossing and turning all the time.

Wash, clean teeth and the other things I needed to do and then wait for the nurse to come in with my phosphate enema. Yet another new experience. Some lubricant, the feel of a tube being inserted and then a cold sensation as the phosphate solution was injected.

I managed to hold out for 10 minutes, probably could have gone longer as a result of long experience waiting to use the bathroom in our house some mornings!! It really is amazing just how much can come out of a human body when you encourage it.

With that out of the way it was time to have a shower with a special sponge that they give you. Its impregnated with something that makes it foam up when it gets wet and I assume it has some antibacterial properties to make sure that the skin is really clean.

On with the disposable knickers and hospital gown then dry hair.

All of that was done by 7.

A little while later the Health Assistant came in and measured me for my TED stockings. These are the things that will help to prevent clots while I'm bed bound. They are incredibly fashionable, I just wish I had some glitter and sequins to bling them up.

Shortly after that Mr Yelland came in and made some marks on my chest that will enable him to get my new breasts to look as natural as possible. As he left he said that he would see me later and that if I saw him that I should speak up.

 I hope I don't need to speak up.

Mr Thomas and Liz then came in and I signed the all important consent form that allows him to perform my surgery.

Now its just a case of waiting.

I'm scheduled for 10:30am, so in a little over 2 hours I'll be wandering through to the operating theatre and the time will finally have arrived to become physically me.


  1. Hey, hope youre doing ok. Those stocking/sock things are lovely aren't they....I feel they finish off the blue backless gown perfectly.

    1. I wont miss them but at least I don't have to worry about what to wear on my legs when I go home as I have to wear them :-)
      The backless gowns aren't the most flattering.

  2. good luck darling, I will try to call you soon, the special day has finally arrived XOXO SAM

    1. Thank you for ringing. Its was nice to hear from you x

  3. Hopefully all went well.

    My thoughts are with you.

    Love Kim x

    1. Hi Kim,
      Its gone pretty well. The doctors and nurses are really happy with how things have gone. I've got a post to write about it but its going to take me a bit of time to reach the point where I can write it and post it.