Saturday, 16 May 2015

Out the other side

I have another post that I'll write about the last few days but I'm going to need a bit of time to get to the point where I can look back and put fingers to keyboard.
But things have gone well. I've not suffered any bleeding which everyone is pleased with so that means I've not had to have the dressings changed.
Pain relief has kept everything as pain free as possible.
The liquid diet has changed to the low residue diet and after having some tea and toast as my first solid meal I've opted to stick with chicken at mealtimes so far.
Rice Krispies have been added to breakfast but I've stuck with dry toast. I'm not a huge butter person and I'm not interested in jam and marmalade at the moment.
Today I'm expanding my food horizons and plan on having chicken with pickled vegetables and later beef stroganoff. I'm even going to venture into the land of more interesting puds (although I still like the sorbets and they have been a blessing).

Today has been the first time I've been allowed out of bed and it didn't go brilliantly. For a triathlete you would think that I would be used to going from a flat position (swimming) to an upright one (bike and run). Well I got upright and managed to stand for a few minutes but then it was a case of sitting down again as I felt lightheaded.
I did get to have a bit of a laugh with the nurse helping me and who gave me my bed bath as the charge of the light-brigade was  on an we got talking about it and old movies.

Just doing the simplest things is very tiring, and I know that when I get home its going to take me a while to get my strength back. I see lots of rest after doing just the simplest of tasks over the next few weeks. Even eating breakfast saps the energy from me and I find myself needing to close my eyes for a while.

Feeling tired in hospital is something I know all to well, its just I've never been on the receiving end like this before.

Anyway, I have two more attempts at getting up today and then its the big day tomorrow when the catheter comes out and so does the packing, then the fun and games begins.

Like I said above, I do have another post in progress, its a hard one, a very emotional one for me to right. There have been bright spots throughout this journey and those that have followed my ramblings will have read about them, there have been some really bad spots, and I've shared those with you. This week I have plumbed depths of darkness that were beyond any of my previous experiences. All I can say is thank goodness for diazepam, codeine, paracetamol and morphine but more importantly some truly amazing and patient nurses who have looked after me all around the clock. Without them I'm not sure how I would have coped.


  1. Hi Jenna

    How are you?

    love Kim x

    1. Hi Kim,
      I'm ok, Two more days to go before I get to go home, tomorrow is going to be a tiring one as I have to make lots more effort to walk and do other things.

      How's you?

      Love Jenna x

    2. Hi Jenna

      Great to hear that you are ok. I was worried about you.
      I am very well apart from getting soaked playing tennis tonight!
      Look after yourself. Love Kim x

    3. Hi Kim,
      I had a bit of a rough time at first, and will be posting something about that in due course but things did get easier.
      Thanks for worrying about me xx

  2. Hope you're feeling better, hon, both physically and emotionally. Take care - thinking of you!!!! xoxoxo