Sunday, 3 May 2015

Something long and hard between the legs

On Saturday I finally had something long and hard between my legs.

Oh yes, a long, hard rod of steel. About 12 feet long. Yes, after over four years I finally had a pole dance lesson.
And it was fun. Lots of fun.

We started with some warm ups to make sure that everything was loosened up and there was less chance of injuries.

Warmed up we started with a number of different ways to walk. Each had its own particular look and feel. My favourite had more of a burlesque feel to it and required you to lift the knees up and then straighten the leg before placing it on the floor. A second walk required you to place a foot on the floor and then as you brought the trailing leg to meet it the foot was placed so that the toes dragged along. This foot was then placed forward and the other foot was brought forward in the same way.

After that I was shown several ways to turn around the pole. The first had you placing the inside foot near the pole and then with the outside pole leaning out and swinging around the pole before placing that foot down and bringing the other foot around the pole too. The second method was the same but in this case the inside foot was hooked around the pole before leaning down to stroke it and then coming upright into a showgirl style pose.

The third thing I was shown as how to do some spins. The first was a fireman's spin and required one knee to be placed one side of the pole and for you to lean to that side, as you swung around the other leg was lifted and the knee placed on the opposite side of the pole. As you went around the pole you would drop towards the floor and as your feet reached it you would swing your toes under to support you before you rose up to a standing position. The second spin involved placing the back of the ankle on one foot around the pole to hook the leg in position. As you leaned towards this leg, the other foot was brought up and hooked behind the pole to hook the legs in position. Again as your go around the pole you drop downwards to the floor. As your feet touch the floor you continue the spin until your feet are in position to support you.

Once we'd gone through all of the moves we began to piece them together into a small routine. Going from move to move was certainly interesting and having to swap sides so I was doing the routines in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions certainly helped to make it clear which moves I was happy doing one way and which in the other direction.

By the time we'd finished I found that I was perspiring so I'd certainly put in a bit of effort.

The session ended with some slut drops, a move where you jump up and then drop straight down into a squat before performing a rather sinuous and sexy move against the pole as you stand up. Finally we did a move where you grab the pole high up and then lift your legs off the ground bring the lower leg to 90 degrees to the pole, you then relax your grip and slide down the pole in this position. Halfway down I was told to tighten my grip in order to stop my descent, something that took me a couple of goes to achieve.

A nice relaxing cool down and we were done.

I have to admit that I've seen people performing pole dance before and it looks amazing. It takes a lot of practice to get that good. I'm very tempted to give it a go and might sign up for beginners classes when I'm physically able to do them after my surgery. I'll be back doing burlesque before then I'm sure, in fact I'm aiming to be back doing a bit of burlesque in July at one of the classes when we have to perform a routine we've had to develop to Eddie Cochrane's Summertime Blue. It's only 2 minutes and certainly not strenuous but it will be the first time that I show off my body in a similar manner to how I've seen a number of the girls do in the past with their routines, something I've not had the confidence to do because my body hasn't been the one I should have had.

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