Saturday, 2 February 2013

Miles to Go

As I look out the window a red double decker London bus pulls away from the bus stop. Then another and another. Yes, I'm in London, capital city of England. It's the fourth city or town I've been in this week, including the one I live in.
Monday saw me leave Yeovil for Malvern where I'll be working for the next few months, well hopefully months and not the 6 years the project manager shouted out while one of the guys was talking about me on the phone.
Tuesday evening saw me drive from Malvern to Bristol and back to go to the Pink Kitten advanced lab where I managed to get some burlesque practice in. Oh and I also addition to agreed to perform a solo routine and be part of the advanced lab troupe performance.
Wednesday saw me return home to Yeovil. It also saw me explain to my son that his Nan, my Mum, was going to be having an operation later in the week as she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Considering he had leukaemia, two of his grandads, his Nan and one of his great Aunts had all had cancer he took took it well.
Thursday was a train journey to London. I've travelled by train once last year so wasn't worried about that. The bit that had me worried was travelling by Underground, all those people packed in trains. I wasn't going to do it once either. I was going to do it 3 times. Once to get to my hotel and twice to get to and from Camden where I planned to visit Burleska in the Stables Market. The trip was crowded and hot but uneventful. The walk to Burleska was interesting as I've never been to Camden before. I never knew what I'd been missing. It was amazing, especially the Stables. So many stalls and shops. So many smells. I could have wandered for hours. Eventually I found Burleska and had the pleasure of a lovely lady who helped me to find a corset with a matching skirt and a separate skirt that will go with my leather corset when I have it. Now I just need a lacy top to wear under the corset to give a bit of cover in the breast area and I have my costume sorted for the show. Just need to finalize the routine and I'm ready to do my solo.

The week did take its toll though because I found myself packing my case and starting to get ready to go to breakfast at 6am Friday morning. After packing my case I was about to put on my Estrogen gel when I heard someone going into one of the other rooms and locking the door. I thought this was odd at that time of the morning and just before I applied my gel I looked at my watch again.
This time I managed to hold the watch up the right way and saw that it was actually 1am. As Homer would say "Doh!"
Back to bed and not the most restful of nights.
Friday morning eventually arrived properly, exam day, a very wet day for the mile walk to the exam venue.
Friday, the day Mum goes in for her operation.
Friday, the day I get back home to Yeovil with a trip to Petersfield to see my father-in-law facing me on Saturday, unless the weather is too bad to travel.
Well at least Sunday I don't have far to go, a two hour swim at the pool maybe but no driving until Monday and another week in Malvern.

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