Saturday, 16 February 2013

Another week another road trip

Another week away in diary form. I'm slowly getting used to being away from my family for 4 days each week and just about getting into a routine.
I travelled up to Malvern on Sunday this week. The plan had been to go to Wales to see Mum now that she is home after her operation and then drop the family off at my sister-in-law's but Rhys had picked up an infection and on past experience we would have ended up in hospital. Having booked at hotel and cancelled my hire car I had no choice but to head to Malvern on my own.
The trip up was ok, it rained all the way but I did try a new router from the motorway to the hotel.
My room is on the ground floor so no hauling the case up one or two flights of stairs this time which I'd good.
The last time I had a rather large case. When I was checking out a nice gentleman offered to take carry my case for me. I declined the offer, I suppose that there's still an independent streak in me, one of these days though I won't be able to carry a heavy case like that up and down flights of stairs.
I managed to get some burlesque practice in Sundays evening and will be able to do lots more of that I hope. My routine needs some pizzazz.
Overnight it seems snowed, not too much but hopefully not a foretaste of things to come as it have to drive to Mum's on Thursday evening and Mere for a hair appointment on Friday morning. 

View from the restaurant breakfast time
The Abbey

The car park with Malvern Theatres in background

First day here went well. The task I have to do at the moment ground to a halt and I had to contact some suppliers, all I can do until I hear from them is write up my report and then see if there is anything else for me to do.
Employment regulations raised their head with regards to my last project so I'm now waiting to see if they do and whether I need to consider possibly moving get to Hampshire to work, not something I want to do and not something at the moment I need to do.
I had a nice meal in the restaurant yesterday and sat and watched Doctor Who on iPlayer in the bar area. A shower and quick run through my burlesque routine but no run. I did think about it and got part changed but when I looked in the mirror decided I didn't look good enough to walk through the bar area in order to get out the hotel in order to go for a 6 miles run. Yes, I discovered that it is about 6 miles if I run to work along the route I take in the morning and then come back the route I take the evening.
I might go Wednesday as tonight I'm in Bristol for burlesque class. I might not get out for a run on Wednesday though as one of my colleagues from Yeovil is up and we have talked about meeting up for a meal when she and I are in Malvern together, if we do I'm going to wear the dress I brought and not go with the jeans or trousers I've been wearing at work while the guys get used to my presence.

I had some great news yesterday. My first appointment at the Nuffield in Exeter came through. Unfortunately it was for a Wednesday so I rang to change it only for the secretary to say that she had been about to contact me because she wanted to rearrange it anyway. So I now have my next laser hair removal appointment, my first through the Laurels, on the first March.

The trip to Bristol went smoothly and I was there with enough time to grab a bite to eat. Sadly being away means that I missed out on pancakes, even more sadly I missed out on pancakes made by my partner, the first time she's ever made them since we met nearly 19 years ago. I've asked her to make some Friday when I get back home.

Burlesque practice went well and I'm now doing two routines in the show, my solo, and the troupe routine, known which I get to be a bee. I've arranged a one-to-one with M for next Thursday to go over my routine and also another idea I've had.

Yesterday was another reasonably good day.
I made some progress in work and know where we are with a few things.
I was chatting with one of the other women about my burlesque classes and the upcoming show, she wants to know the details as she might come to it. Eek! If she does it will be the first person from my work life who will have.
I'm pretty confident of my routine now, just need to make it performance ready.
I'm going to Wales today to see Mum and Dad. Should be interesting.

Yesterday was a good day. I found out the result of the exam I took 2 weeks ago, made some progress with the work I'm doing, discovered that there is some work I can do from the Yeovil office, arranged to have a room on the ground floor at the hotel where I won't have to walk through the bar in running gear and saw my parents.
Mum looks well considering she had fairly serious surgery two weeks ago. At some point I'm sure that her breast cancer will hit me emotionally but with Dad having had cancer when I was younger, my son having had Leukaemia from when he was 3 until 2008 and my father-in-law's having cancer then it seems that I've emotionally shutdown at the moment when it comes to this illness.

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