Saturday, 9 March 2013

Here comes the post

The last few weeks have been busy and tiring.
To start with I've been without my laptop, again, for over a week. It developed a fault and had to go off for repair. Its back now so I'm able to do things that I've not got around to.

I'm still working in Malvern, although that is only going to be until the end of April. The journey there and back takes about 3 hours at the moment because half the M5 motorway appears to be being dug up and I inevitably end up sitting in traffic jams at some point.

Life has been pretty good though. I've been able to get to Bristol every Tuesday evening to go along to the Pink Kitten Advanced Lab. That has been brilliant as its given me the chance to meet some of the others that have completed Intermediate classes and who have been working on routines to perform. Its also allowed me to work on a fan dance routine that I've been trying to sort out for a little while. Tonight will see me d├ębut the routine at the latest student showcase.
In fact I'll be performing two routines. My solo and a troupe routine with 7 of the other girls. Its going to be really good, in fact the whole show is going to be brilliant.

I've also been looking at laser hair removal and electrolysis.

Last week I had a consultation at a hospital in Exeter. It took about an hour and allowed L, who will be doing my laser sessions to look at my facial hair and to give me a test session. If anything it hurt less that the last time that I had some laser sessions. On Monday I'll be having my first proper session. It does mean that I'm going to have to remove my make-up beforehand and then reapply it before I head of for work.

Yesterday I had a consultation about electrolysis. At the moment I'm not around to book any sessions but when I'm back in home during the week then I should be able to book some sessions. I'm looking to work at removing chest hair at the moment so that I don't have to worry about shaving it, especially as it means shaving around the breast and nipple area.

On my way home last Thursday I stopped off to pick up my laptop after it had been repaired. After the chaps at PC World has spent 5 minutes trying to find it they finally managed to locate it. The guy that was completing the paperwork to return it for me was having a bit of trouble and so an older guy came over to help. He's served me before when I've been in and he's always been really friendly. As he was helping out he spoke to me and called me darling. He immediately apologised and said he hoped I didn't mind him calling me that as he'd called another lady it earlier and got told off. I waved away his apology as its always nice when people refer to me using a phrase that really applies to women and not men or both sexes.

Today I went to get my hair done, in preparation for the show. As I was making my way there a guy called to me and asked me how to get back to one of the main A roads from the car park where we were parked. We had a brief chat as I explained which way to go as his family wandered over. Their dog came to give me a sniff and a lick, and his wife apologised but again I waved away the apology and patted the dog. Little events like this have given me so much confidence as it means that people are either seeing me simply as a woman or if they aren't then they aren't fussed about it.

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