Tuesday, 22 January 2013

And there was me thinking...

that I'd have a break from visits to the Laurels but alas that appears as if it isn't the case.

The last time I went to the Laurels and saw my doctor we discussed when I would be eligible for the surgery that would remove the male bits I have down below and replace them with something that is more anatomically correct for me as a woman.

When we talked about it before Christmas I understood that because the requirements are that you complete two years of real life experience then I wouldn't become eligible to go forward for a second opinion and then get surgery until the end of this year. After getting through my second opinion then the average time to have the surgery is about 6 months. Well that would have put me smack bang in the middle of his GCSEs next summer and with the stress that youngsters are under already when it comes to exams adding me having major surgery to the mix wasn't going to happen.

My plan was therefore to aim for surgery at the end of 2014.

This meant that having seen the doctor and also Sara, my therapist, I wouldn't have to go back to the Laurels until the end of the year when I'd get my GP to refer me back to the clinic.

Well today has changed that plan.

Sara wasn't around today so I got to see just the doctor. We went over how things have been, what I've been up to and he was happy with everything. He asked me to confirm when I'd started RLE and I said that I'd properly started it, by going back to work, on the 9th January last year.

Well in April things are changing in the UK and we'll be following the WPATH guidelines. This means that the minimum time needed for RLE in order to be eligible for surgery is one year. Yes, come April I'll be eligible to be put forward for my second opinion and then if that is successful to apply for funding and then have my surgery.

Well we've been here before.

When I was originally waiting for my first appointment at the Laurels I expected it to take about 8 to 12 months before I was seen. In the end it turned out to be closer to 4 months, something that shocked both my partner and myself. With everything that we've gone through in life you'd think that I'd have learned by now that no matter what I think is going to happen, or not, and when, things always mess up my time scales.

This time though things aren't going to change, unless its to delay the operation. There are too many things going on at the moment which mean that bringing it forward, even if I was prepared to do that, simply isn't feasible. More about that in a later post.

On another positive note I popped into the Debenhams store near the clinic to get some foundation. The sales assistant mentioned that if I spent over 35 pounds then I'd get 5 pounds worth of extra points on their beauty card. There wasn't much I wanted but I decided that perhaps she could advise me on some eye shadow. Well she certainly did and  I got a mini makeover as she tried the colour out on me including putting eyeliner and also  redoing my mascara. We also had a chat about Les Miserables which is in the cinema. Looks like I might be going to see that this week, although I'll have to make sure I wear some waterproof mascara when I do.

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