Saturday, 19 January 2013

Slip Slidin' Away

Well, young 'un got away on his ski trip. Of course being a school trip they didn't get away on time.

Earlier in the week he came home with a letter from school which said that everyone was expected to be at the school and 2:30pm, half an hour earlier than originally planned. Very sensible considering the weather conditions and also from past experience a good idea as they never get away on time.

Just after 2 o'clock parents and youngsters started to arrive so about quarter past two we headed out for the 100 yard walk to the school.

The queue was already quite long and we ended up waiting around the corner of the school building.

Half an hour later and no sign of the buses, fingers and toes starting to get cold from standing around. Suddenly, I find myself heading back to the house as we'd forgotten the label that should have been on the case. Fortunately the label had been put in a safe place so it was a brief explosion of warmth as I went into the house and then back to the cold as I made my way back and fastened it to the case.

After another half hour of waiting the buses finally arrived. A bit of nimble driving by the entrance and the buses were ready to be loaded.

Even though I'd checked with the school about the size of his case I'd been worried that someone would tell us it was too large. However, when I saw a couple of people turning up with large bags that must have contained ski equipment I decided that I could stop worrying. If they were going to get those on the buses then my son's suitcase wouldn't be a problem.

Youngsters on bus, mine simply handing his case over and then walking straight on the bus without even a glance back at his mother and me.

Finally at twenty to four the drivers started the buses and pulled out of the school.

They arrive at the resort, in Italy, tomorrow lunchtime. They return next Saturday, arriving back home Sunday afternoon.

I don't know how much he's going to enjoy it but from what I've heard from others I'd better start saving up for a ski holiday and look at taking lessons myself because if he gets bitten by the ski bug then he's going to be wanting to go again.

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