Saturday, 17 March 2012

Life Circle 2012 - Time Out

Life Circle

The latest task for the Life Circle was to take some time out for myself.

I've managed to have a bit of me time recently.

The first of these was when I popped into town on a Sunday morning so that my son could get a Mothers' Day card while I went to get some new make-up and see if I could find a new top in the sales at one of our local department stores.

Picking up my makeup didn't take long as I knew what I wanted and the sales assistant found it very quickly.

Finding myself a top took a bit longer but I eventually managed to find a top and a dress in the sale. Normally when I've bought things I've taken them home and tried them on, I've usually got a pretty good idea of size. This time I didn't want to take the risk of getting it wrong so I asked one of the sales assistants if there was somewhere that I could try on my purchases. She pointed behind me and to my surprise I found myself confronted with a changing cubicle with a locking door. I went in, locked the door and tried on my purchases. Both were perfect fits so I was really happy. The top was exactly what I was looking for.

I paid for my purchases, returned to the car and put them in the boot then went off and did a quick shop in a very busy Tesco before meeting my son to go home.

My second bit of me time was when I went to get my hair done in preparation for what I'd hinted at in the pushing the envelope task.

On Thursday I made my way to Mere in Wiltshire where my hairdressers is located. We've been talking about when we can start doing whatever we want with my hair for months. Changing its colour was the first thing so on Thursday I'd arranged to have my hair dyedna similar colour to a wig I wore for a trip to Portsmouth the year before last. In fact I ended up choosing a colour that is a lot darker (more of a chocolate colour) but which suits me better. I've had lots of comments from various women friends saying how nice it looks.

It was a lovely 2 hours of being able to sit, chat about what's been happening and simply relaxing. No interruptions from family. Bliss.

My third me time was on Friday when everyone went out. Son went to his Pathfinders group, other half went out with some church friends for a chat and a drink. I put a ready made Chicken Arrabbiata and some Garlic and Herb prawns into the oven to cook and enjoyed that with a bottle of Chardonnay and the chance to watch some television with no interruptions. A perfect way to end the week.

Today, Saturday, is my final bit of me time for the week. A friend is getting married and son and other half have been invited to the wedding. I've not been invited which is fine by me as it gives me the chance for nearly a whole day to myself. I've got a few things planned. I'm going to work on some fan dance routines. I've got my new silk veil fans, or at least one set of them, I'm still waiting for the second set that I'm order but they should be here soon. Between them and the small hand fans I bought before Christmas I've got the scope for working up two routines. I'm toying with the idea of getting a set of large fans at the moment, that might just be my birthday treat to myself in a few weeks. At 3pm all thoughts of burlesque will be put aside as I sit down, switch the television on and watch Wales play France in the 6 Nations rugby.

The last week has given me a few opportunities for time to myself without disturbances. Even though I've not booked the times into my diary, something I should do I've managed to have the opportunities come up and I've taken them. Its been really good to not have to worry about work or other people, to not have to even think about anything and just switch off. I've not done that properly for a little while and should do it more often.

And Finally...

An update on the Pushing the Envelope task.

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  1. Wow lots of me time there! Well done you. :-)