Friday, 2 July 2010


Yesterday I needed to talk to L in personnel as I needed her to witness my signature on an application form.
Once we'd done that we chatted for a while about my son as he's managed to get his face plastered across the front of the local paper as publicity for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma society having done a charity cycle ride they organised. We had the photographer visit to take pictures Tuesday evening and I spoke with a reporter on the phone Tuesday morning to tell her about his medical history.

After L and I had finished chatting about him I took out 3 pictures that I had taken into work of me as Jenny. I wanted to show L what I looked like to that she was prepared for when I eventually go full time.

The first picture was of me when I visited Manchester last year, the second was from when I had the makeover with Zee and the final one was taken at home a couple of days before Sam and I met up.

L was impressed with all 3 pictures. She especially loved the way my hair looked in the one from Manchester, mainly because she has a similar hairstyle. She was impressed by both my figure and the way I dressed, in fact she said that I had a good sense of style, then asked where I got the one top.

L asked about the dress that I was wearing in the Manchester picture and told me that she couldn't get away with wearing leggings like I was wearing in the other picture.

Of course I'm now going to have to take other pictures of me in to show her at some point as she wants to see them.

I felt so happy by the time our chat finished. If L had been anymore complimentary I think I'd have cried.

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