Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bankers aren't all bad!

Last week I got a phone call from my account manager at my bank. She had noticed that I'd gone over my overdraft limit a couple of times recently and wanted to know if there was anything they could do to help.
Well I had a couple of ideas of my own so I made an appointment to see her.
At lunchtime today I turned up at the bank to go over things with her and one of her colleagues.
Things went better than I thought they would and my finances look like they are going to be better than they were this morning.
Once everything had been sorted out and it was just the two of us she asked if there was anything else.
I looked at her and told her that yes there was. I then asked if it was possible to get my bank cards reissued but with just my initials and surname and without the Mr.
I was expecting her to say that it wasn't possible but she immediately started tapping away at her computer. Quite quickly she had a screen up and was getting the cards reissued in the way that I wanted.
She did ask me why I wanted the cards reissued like that and although I was tempted to explain I simply said it was personal. She accepted that and within minutes my debit cards were reissued.
I asked if it was possible to get my credit cards reissued as well and this is where it became more tricky. She had to phone up the card department. They also asked the reason and she said it was personal. Unfortunately the chap on the other end of the phone couldn't get the card reissued without a title but he was able to refer it to a different department which would be able to.
I was so chuffed, by the end of the month I should have a new set of cards which I can use in male mode but also more importantly when out and about as a female.
Roll on that shopping trip with L and Zee.

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