Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Second Person

Today for the second time, third if you count the twice I've been asked by the same person, I was asked, by someone who knows I'm doing, whether I thought I'd fancy men or women once I've transitioned.

I can honestly say that I don't know. I know that that there are some women that I fancy, including the one that asked me but she doesn't know that. There is one other woman that I'm attracted to. In both these cases I'm pretty sure that the feeling wont be reciprocal. One of them is a friend and getting into a relationship with me would be frowned upon, even if I wasn't trying to become the woman I know I should be.

The other is Zee. We chat and get along fine. We have some interests in common but even though she's gazed ino my eyes, while applying makeup or checking my eye lash tint, she's never shown an interest in a more personal way. Mind you she's told me that she's going to take me shopping when the time is right. I can't wait for that.

As I've got the house to myself this week I've managed to put on some makeup and a few outfits. Couple of pictures of my efforts. I do like being able to pull my hair back into a pony tail. Roll on the day my own hair is long enough to do that.

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