Friday, 30 July 2010

Happy Day

On the 11th August I've arranged to take a trip down to Portsmouth and pay a visit to Sugar and Spiced for a makeover and to get some photgraphs taken. I'm looking forward to it as when I rang to finalise the arrangements with Jo I decided that I'd have the pictures taken outside. This means that we're going to have to walk up from her house to the little cemetary where she takes some people to take their pictures.
As I used to live in Southsea I know the particular cemetary. In fact I used to go to the hair salon that is on the corner opposite it.
Its going to be an interesting experience as it will be broad daylight and being the smack bang in the holiday season there are bound to be more people out and about. Gulp! Its something that I have to get used to though.
In the evening I've got another appointment at the hair salon.
I specifically decided that I'd go to Portmouth that day in order that I could drive back to the salon and go for the appointment as Jenny. Of course I can only do that if Lou is happy for me to do so.
I tried to ring Lou the other day to discuss it only to find out that she is on holiday at the moment.
Not a problem them though as I can always ring her next week when she is back.
While thinking about travelling back I decided that it might be nice to have something to wear that was suitable for summer and also suitable to wear to the salon. Trying to think of somewhere to go shopping that might have something suitable was interesting. In the end though I rang Zee at the beauty salon to get some ideas from her.
After explaining the situation to her Zee repeated the fact that her and Lou wanted to take me shopping but that it was unlikely that they would be able to do that before I went to Portmouth. Especially since the only time that I'm likely to have spare is the Monday afternoon after my next appointment for a body waxing (and eye lash tint) with Zee.
Zee suggested that the best place to go shopping would be Poole or Southampton, both places about an hour and a half drive from where I live. In the meantime she suggested that I might like to think about going to New Look or Matalan and have a look in there.
I've shopped at Matalan before so when I have the chance I'll pop in and have a look see what they've got.
Our conversation got even better after that as Zee said that she had an appointment to get her hair done coming up soon. She told me that she'd talk to Lou about my appointment and see if she could find out when she had some time available in order to go on the shopping trip. Zee thinks that Lou will be more than happy as although Zee has seen me made up, Lou hasn't and actually seeing me with make up on will give her a better idea of what to do with my hair.
I was grateful enough for her doing that but then she completely surprised me.
Zee said that she would pop into the salon on her way home on the 11th and the three of us could sit down and discuss when we would be able to go on our shopping trip.
Now much as I'd been thinking that it would be fantastic if she could be there as well I'd never thought it would happen or even how I could ask her if she would be able to be around.
I was so happy when I came off the phone to her. I actually felt like I could cry.
August 11th is going to be such a special day for me now. I'm going to be out and about as myself in daylight for the first time in ages. Then I'm going to be spending time with some really fantastic ladies having a girly chat about things.
I am going to be so happy by the time that I've finished at the salon.
The only downside is going to be what do I do afterwards. I'd so love to be able to come back home without getting changed but that means I have to risk the neighbours spotting me. If I can get back late enough that people wouldn't see me then it would be a no-brainer and I'd simply do it. I just need to find a way to use up the two or three hours from leaving the salon until it will be dark enough and quiet enough for me to get from the car and into the house.


  1. It sure looks like that's going to be an eventful day day for you and hope you can time your return 'right'. It's a good while since I was last near Southsea actually.
    Regards sissygurl belinda

  2. sissygurl belinda,
    I don't know how I'll manage to time my return right. I know how I'd like to do it and that is for to go for a quiet drink with Zee and L after the salon is closed.
    That Zee has already made the evening better than I could imagine by planning to be there is one thing.
    I really can't see that it being better by going somewhere afterwards. I think that maybe pushing it just a little bit too much.
    I'll certainly be uploading some pics of the day afterwards.