Monday, 4 August 2014

Brighton part 1 - hair

I've been a bit busy over the last week so its taken me a bit of time to sit down and write about my trip to Brighton last week.
I've broken it down into a couple of posts as it was getting quite long.

The day got off to a great start. Up at 6am to get ready. Plenty of time.
At least so I thought!
Having taken my time over breakfast and the other preparations it was suddenly 10 to 8 and I still had to put on my make-up and get dressed.
As much as it was such an important day with respect to my future I managed to get dressed and made-up within 25 minutes.
Shoes on, final bits in my bag and away I went to my first appointment of the day, getting my hair done.
A quick stop to top up with petrol and I left Yeovil behind.

Lou was waiting for me when I arrived at her salon, I was only 10 minutes late. I told her that we'd have to just go with colouring my hair because I wasn't able to get it cut and styled this time, that  has to wait until after my father-in-laws funeral.  I'm working towards a red colour for my hair and so we picked something that I could get away with for the funeral which I also liked for day-to-day.

It was quite relaxing sitting there waiting for the treatment to finish, I even got involved in a conversation about sport with Lou and another woman.

Eventually it was time to rinse of my hair, trim and blow dry it. While Lou was trying to get it into a suitable style L, one of the other stylists that used to work in the salon came in. It was so lovely to see her, its been nearly two years since I saw her last and we had a brief chat.

Eventually it was time to leave but not before a couple of pictures.

My outfit for the day
My latest hair colour

So that's what the back of my hard looks like!


  1. Love the last photo! Damn, girl, you have a LOT of hair!!! lol


    1. Hi Cass.
      I've been growing my hair for about 4 years now. About as long as it seems to be taken me to get Blogger to accept this response to your comment!!!
      I am really lucky to have a fabulous hairdresser who gets a lot of joy from messing with my hair.
      I was lucky that I was going to Brighton as she had to restrain herself somewhat after blow drying my hair and turning it into a huge mane.
      I am however under the treat of her repeating this and sending me out into the world with a hair style that would make Beyonce jealous.
      I'm seeing her on Wednesday, my hairdresser and not Beyonce, and may be getting it cut shorter, haven't decided yet. Think I might regret it if I do so will see what ideas we can come up with for my hair. We've been planning a "play with my hair" session for a while.