Sunday, 2 March 2014

Twisted Cabaret

Its not that often that I go out. Well unless you count for the odd meal with my family or to the cinema with my son, or to belly dance class and cell group.

OK, I go out quite a bit.

But I don't go out, go out.

Last Friday I went to a charity burlesque show being put on in order of our local hospital's charity appeal. As my other half works on a Friday night she couldn't come but I'd arranged to go with some of the ladies from my belly dance class.

Taxi was booked to take two of us there. I'd decided on a pair of heels and a new dress. Purple necklace and matching earrings completed the outfit. Oh and my obligatory insanely filled handbag with everything I could imagine needing for all eventualities (OK, I did leave some things at home).

Leaving my son at home until his mum returned from work I headed out.

The taxi driver was friendly and before we knew it we were at the venue. The doors hadn't opened so we had a couple of minutes to wait.

8pm came and we found ourselves inside. The place was brilliantly decorated. Each of the tables had a little, lit, tea light sitting on it. Gave the place a really nice atmosphere.

Finding a table with a good view I popped to the bar and got us a couple of drinks. I think I must be getting a lot more ladylike in my drinking habits as I only had two drinks all night. A glass of white wine and a gin and tonic. And no the wine glass wasn't big enough to hold a full bottle. Unlike the one that my sister bought as a present a few years ago.

Before too long the place was packed out and we'd been joined by the rest of our small group. I was even surprised to see one of our friends there with some of our friends. I wasn't sure that she'd recognise me but she did and we had a chat at the bar during one of the intervals.

The show eventually got underway with music from a duo called the Decibelles. Both of the ladies were incredible singers and were also very funny. The point where one of them started to sing and swayed her mic stand from side to side before promptly smacking herself in the face with it had people laughing, not least her partner. Take two for that song and they had to stop because they were laughing themselves. Take three and she managed to finish the song.

The dancers were brilliant. As you would expect there were lots of burlesque acts. There was also a very good belly dance performance that involved the use of a sword which was balanced on the ladies head. Oh, and there was a boyesque performer who also removed everything but his posing pouch.
All of the performers were brilliant and I had a great time watching each of them. In fact I was a bit overawed because I'm hoping to go along to the classes that are run each week. Now I'm beginning to wonder if they are a bit too good for me. I'm seriously thinking that I might stick with the girls I know because even though they are all as good as the ones that I saw on Friday, I know them and feel a lot more comfortable around them.

The show ended with an amazingly glamorous routine that involved fans and the removal of an evening gown.

The Decibelles then took over and performed for nearly an hour as the place wound down and people began to leave.

I even managed to surprise myself by doing something that I've not done for ages. I got up and danced. Part way through the show the Decibelles did a number of songs and encouraged everyone to get up and dance. I found the rest of my little group getting up to dance and so, even in my heels, got up and joined them. After the show had finished I again found myself on the dance floor strutting my stuff. I even enjoyed it.

Eventually though I had to sit down and catch my breath and it was that point that I noticed one of the other women across the room. I'd seen her earlier and thought that she was wearing an amazing outfit. She was wearing what I can only describe as a steampunk gladiator dress. Brown leather dress with buckles and straps and a few pouches at the waist. As I watched her she was dancing very provocatively with a guy who I assumed was her husband.

As I watched I found myself wishing that it was me dancing like that. Me dancing provocatively with a tall, handsome guy. Woo girl! Careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Well if I do then I've seen the outfit I'll be wearing. And even if I don't then I'm still getting the outfit.

Brocade Steampunk Corset

Brown Gathered Steampunk Skirt

I'll certainly stand out in that outfit.

The evening ended on a high note. To get home we needed a taxi and so made our way to where we could see some. We had a choice of two and as we approached one of the drivers lowered their window and asked if we needed a car. We said yes, got in and told him where we wanted to go. Throughout the journey he addressed us as ladies and was very polite. He even apologized for encouraging us into his taxi and said it was because he didn't want to take a chap that was hanging around talking on his mobile phone who was obviously drunk. That rounded off what had been a perfect night out.

The next show is in April and I might just be tempted to go along to that one too.


  1. Hi Jenna!

    What a fun post! Sounds like a terrific night.

    Also… we have to talk, girl!!! Now that I'm full-time, and after a challenging two-plus years of transitioning, I decided it was high time I started to have fun as myself.

    I'm going to write a post about this, but long story short: I have become *fascinated* with steampunk. I had already become interested in the whole fantasy/sci-fi genre thanks to Kelli at The Good, The Bad, The Blonde.

    A bit more digging led me to steampunk. I love the whimsy/playfulness of it - but most of all I love the clothes. I adore Victorian-era fashion, and the way steampunk outfits are feminine *and* sexy. That is a side of me I want to explore. (Finally. ;D)

    Anyway, you have a lovely sense of style, hon, so any advice whatsoever is most welcome. It turns out my partner-in-crime, April, is also into steampunk. We're going to attend a steampunk convention in Toronto in late summer, so I have time to learn some of the intricacies. :D

    As always, a fun, uplifting post, sweetie. And I love your hair! Looks so good on you. :c) Take care, and have a wonderful week!


    1. Hi Cass,
      Will write a proper response this evening but in the meantime thank you for the lovely compliments.
      This week is going to be an awesome one and there will be a post about it later but suffice to say Wednesday is going to a day I don't forget for a while.

      Take care,

    2. Friday was a brilliant evening. Had a great time. If I'd had my car and not had to rely on taxis there and back then I might have gone in costume, there were a number of people there who did. Maybe next time I'll go with the corset and skirt :-) Although if I had done then I'd have end up in front of everyone along with all the others that went in costume.

      Its a bit sad but I've never gotten around to reading any Steampunk, Gibson's Difference Engine is on my to read list as of today. Will have to get it from Amazon if I can't find it in Waterstones on Wednesday. I really should have read it by now, will have to remedy that soon.

      I'm sure that we have Steampunk conventions in the UK, I've not heard of any though. Enjoy your trip with April the convention. I hope we'll get to hear all about it and see pictures. Lots of pictures of you and April :-)

      As lovely as my hair is it is annoying me. Its managed to get knotted somehow so I have a visit to the hairdresser tomorrow which was to get it coloured but will also involve a bit of trimming to get rid of the knots. I do love the body that the perm has given my hair, I'm just beginning to wonder if I need to go a bit shorter with my hair to try and avoid it getting tangled. Will see what is suggested tomorrow.

      I'm not sure about me giving style tips! I tend to go with what I like the look of, but also what I feel comfortable in. The best piece of advice I was given was to find a style that you're comfortable with and get used to it, then play around with things. I'm working on the last bit.

      I think you have a good sense of what suits you from the pics you've posted. Plus with all the women that you work with you've got plenty of people to get advice from and I'm sure they'll let you know if you make a fashion boo boo. After all, we're allowed to make mistakes. Most women have spent a lifetime figuring out their style, we're just getting started and like teenage girls in that respect. Now I just need to go and get rid of that denim mini skirt which so totally doesn't suit me :-)

      Take care