Sunday, 23 March 2014

Somerset hit by nuclear blast

Ok, not quite but its entirely possible that it could happen if my other half hears what happened today after church.

One of my cell group is an ex-minister and took the service at church today.
My son and I had gone as his mum was working during the afternoon and needed our car to get there.
The service was quite enjoyable, a friend gently tugged on my hair as she passed and I warned her I'd get my own back. Another lady complimented me on my top after the service as we were preparing to leave.
As we reached the door A was stood by the entrance. Normally whoever takes the service waits by the entrance to greet people as they are leaving the church. A was looking into the church as I came down the corridor and said hello.
As I opened the door to leave the church my son was next to meet.
"Who's this?" A asked.
"Oh this is R, my son" I replied.
"Hi, I'm A and I go to your mum's cell group".

R said hello and after a few more pleasantries we left.

Once outside the church I turned to R and said "You'd better not tell your mum what A just called me. If you do then she will go ballistic and nothing will protect us from the fallout."

It was a funny moment but does mean that I'm going to have to explain to at least Annie, and probably the rest of my cell group. I'd planned to do that anyway as I could do with the support when I have my surgery, its just that I'd not planned to do it so soon. Still best to put them in the picture before someone refers to me as R's mum again but while his real mum is around.

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