Friday, 7 March 2014

Could I get a second opinion please

This week has been a bit of an exciting one for me.

For the last two years I have been going through my RLE. On Thursdy I finally took the next step in my journey.

In order to be referred for surgery I need a letter from a second psychiatrist to say that they agree with the diagnosis that I am transsexual and that they agree that I should have gender reassignment surgery.

So on Wednesday, along with a friend, I drove to the hospital in Bristol.

I'd decided that I was going to make an effort and dress up a bit. Nothing over the top but just enough to ensure that I looked my best.

Back in Taunton after my appointment

The journey there was uneventful but on arrival we discovered that most of the hospital looked like a building site, which isn't surprising as they are just finishing construction of a new hospital building.

Driving around looking for somewhere to park we eventually found a multistory car park. We drove up to the top level looking for a parking space but failed to find any. By the time we reached the top I was getting flustered as we'd only had about 10 minutes before my appointment when we'd arrived. With no spaces to park in I didn't know what I was going to do but my friend came to the rescue, digging out her phone she rang the doctor's secretary to inform them that we were at the hospital and were trying to find a place to park.

Eventually we found another car park and after watching a transit van trying to park and failing, we parked in the space that was left when it drove off.

After  a five minute walk to the mental health services building where my assessment was going to be I had just enough time to compose myself before the psychiatrist came through.

Doctor D came out and as I'd been told he was good looking but not my type. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it, but apparently he has some rather nice muscle definition when wearing a tee-shirt.

We went through to a room, leaving my friend behind, and the two of us sat down and Doctor D started to ask me questions. Nothing too hard, and nothing I'd not been asked before. Towards the end of the assessment the doctor looked at me and told me that I'd made his job too easy. He did say that he'd think about asking me a difficult question but never did.

As we chatted I couldn't help but smile. After all it was a big moment for me and seemed to be going really well. As our chat continued I found myself wanting to giggle. It wasn't until afterwards that I realised I'd been acting very girlish. It would seem that Doctor D has that effect on women as my friend got all girlish when she was talking to him.

After about 20 minutes my assessment was over. Doctor D told me that I'd made it really easy for him and that he would be recommending me for gender reassignment surgery and also chest reconstruction.

So I passed. I got my second opinion and shortly will be getting a letter confirming that. Then it will just be a case of sorting out the funding to allow me to have my GRS in Brighton, even though it would be so much easier if done in Exeter. My chest reconstruction will be done in Exeter though as apart from it being closer I've also had a surgeon recommended to me.

So that's the next step on my journey completed. My next step is probably going to be the biggest of all. No not getting my breasts enlarged silly, but getting things corrected down below. That is still going to be a long way off. Between now and then I expect I'll be asking myself if I'm making the right decision so stick with me if I start being very analytical in some of my posts.


  1. Congratulations, hon!!!! This *is* a big step. Hope the funding gets sorted out as soon as possible. :c)

    I seem to recall someone telling me that doctors are good marriage material; any chance you could pass along his number? It's, uh.... for a friend. :D

    Congratulations again hon! Have a great weekend!


    P.S. You look wonderful in your photo too!

  2. Cass,
    I hope it all gets sorted soon too. Would love to get everything done by the end of this year if possible, or at least one lot of surgery.

    I'm sure that whoever told you that doctors are good marriage material is a very wise person indeed :-) Of course they may just nip out and buy a pair of Kevlar high heels for when they shoot themselves in the foot like that ;-)

    The hair could have been a bit better but that will be sorted after my next visit to the salon. L has told me that we will be making time for her to show me how to do different things with it. Still it wasn't a bad attempt at doing what she's done with it the day before.

    Have a fab weekend xx

  3. Hi Jenna,

    My fingers are crossed for you, hon. :c)

    I hear you about your hair. Now that we are no longer in negative numbers in terms of the dew point, my hair is showing signs of misbehaving again. I may get a body perm to get it under control for the summer. It's at that in between length where it falls in my face constantly but isn't long enough to put up. I cannot *wait* for that day! :c)

    Enjoy your weekend as well, Miss J!