Saturday, 20 July 2013

One score years ago

20 years ago today I met the woman that would be my wife and the mother of my son for the first time.
We'd met through an introduction agency.
I'd just come out of a relationship with someone and decided I needed to start dating and not sit around waiting for someone to turn up in my life.
The agency had sent me the details of several women. I'd already met two of them. One was too young for me, the other I'd hit it off with but not in a romantic way.
Then I rang my other half.
We arranged to meet up at a pub in Portsmouth.
That evening I stood outside the pub waiting for her to turn up. I looked at each woman that walked towards the pub and then walked past, none were her.
Eventually I saw a young woman walking towards me and the moment I saw her I knew that it was her. I was right.
We went inside and I bought her a drink. We found a table and sat down and talked and talked and talked. Eventually the pub was closing so we grabbed our coats and I walked her home. She didn't live that far away.
That evening was the start of a loving relationship that has been battered by so many things. We've managed to weather things that other couples wouldn't have managed to cope with. Its not been easy and there have been rough patches. Still 20 years is a long time and its been one that I wouldn't have missed for the world.


  1. Happy 'Anniversary' - I hope there are many more to come for you both.


    1. Thanks Becca. 7 more years and I'll have been married 25 years.
      Now that is something I thought I'd be saying.