Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Feeling down

A couple of months ago I sent off an application to perform at the Bristol Burlesque Festival in October. If accepted then it would have been my first performance in front of an audience that wasn't at a Pink Kitten showcase. I'd really hoped that I'd get accepted with my True Love fan dance.

The deadline for hearing was at the beginning of July and I received an email telling me that there had been some hiccups and that I'd hear once those had been sorted. Today I received the email telling me whether I had been successful or not.

I hadn't.

There had been a lot of applicants and all the acts were very high quality. Mine just didn't make the cut. Someone else I know also didn't make the cut so I know that I'm in good company. Still it has left me feeling a little bit down.

At the moment I'm not sure where my burlesque is going.

The Advanced lab that I was attending at Pink Kitten is no longer running and there currently isn't anything to replace it. I'm not in the position to commit myself to doing a 4 week Intermediates class at the moment and I've not heard anything from the one place that runs a class locally. I really need to chase them up.

I've been thinking about developing my burlesque character a bit. I've been doing some work filling in her background. Now might be a good time to do some of those things I'd planned to do as part of developing her character. Some serious work on toning up my figure is on the cards as is refreshing my memory of, and expanding on, the Russian I learned at school.

I might be at a bit of a low point with regards to my burlesque at the moment but I'll bounce back with a much fuller and better developed character.

And then I'll feel a lot happier.


  1. Hi Jenna,

    I am sorry you did not get the chance to perform in October. I would add that your response is perfect: viewing it as an opportunity to get better at something about which you care deeply. That speaks well of you.

    I hope your future hard work pays off next year with an invitation!


  2. Hi Cass.
    It would have been nice to do a show in October so that I have done a show that's not in the safe environment of Pink Kitten. Still there will be other opportunities.
    Plus it gives me the time to do some things I've meant to do for a while and not got around to doing.

    12 months also gives me plenty of time to come up with a few other routines :-)

  3. See? You really *are* looking at this the right way! Good for you, girl!


    1. :-)
      Now look what you've done, you've made me smile.

      Thanks hun, feeling much brighter now.