Friday, 16 December 2011

The week so far - Tuesday

This was an awesome day and made up for Monday.

This week I've been working early shifts and as a result on Tuesday when I took a half day holiday was leaving work at 10am. My son had been off school having spent a bit of time throwing up at 1am. As he's not seen Jenna in the flesh yet it was going to be a bit awkward as my plan for the day was to get ready to go to Bristol and do a few things including my burlesque class, costume fitting and visit my oldest friend.

Sick child or not Jenna was going out.

I managed to get showered, put my make-up on and get dressed without him seeing me. With a little bit of time to spare I was out of the house before the school finished for the day and hundreds of youngsters started making their way home.

Bristol was fun. I was able to work on my routine for Saturday's Christmas Cabaret.

A brief stop to see Mags and check the fit on the skirt for the costume that she is making for me followed. Having seen the mock-ups for it I really can't wait to see the finished costume. It should be absolutely awesome. Just need to work out the routine to go with it!

After that it was time to go and see my oldest friend. Two weeks ago I spoke with his wife on the phone and told her what was happening, she had told him when he got home but because it was so late I decided not to pop in. This time I rang and arranged to stop by on my way home.

I should have warned him that I was going to be turning up as Jenna but it slipped my mind. I don't know what was going through his mind when he opened the door to find me stood there. Whatever it was we sat down and talked over coffee. When I say talk, I really do mean talk. We chatted about how I'd got to where I was, he was very supportive, he told me that I should have said something a long time ago. Before I knew it 2 hours had gone by. Its probably the longest and deepest conversation that the two of us have ever had. We're going to meet up again early in the New Year when I'm in Bristol.

Nearly 40 years of friendship were riding on his reaction to me becoming Jenna. Although our friendship will undergo change it looks like there's still a lot of mileage in our friendship still.

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