Monday, 3 January 2011

Review of 2010 - part 4

Finally sat down with the other vicar from our church and his wife and told them why I'd dropped out of helping with our Junior Church. I'd not been able to tell either of them earlier in the year.

Also saw the psychiatrist for the second time and explained about my agreement with my wife. She agreed to see me in March 2011 and to look into what treatments I could start before being referred to the GIC.

November also found me having my very first burlesque dance lesson. It was absolutely fabulous and the most fun that I've had in ages. I chatted with P, the teacher, about coming up with a routine that I could perform. We also agreed on my characters name and a few other details.

The end of November also saw me attend my first munch. Although I didn't stay the entire evening it was a start and I really enjoyed myself. I'm looking forward to going to more in 2011.

December was a very busy month.
It saw me explain to my son a little bit about my being transgender. Not the full blown “I'm going to have gender reassignment” speech but a “Daddy sometimes wears women's clothes and make-up”.

It also found me having my second burlesque dance lesson and starting to put together the routine that I'm going to perform. I'm so looking forward to that as it will be to 9 people hopefully, 4 friends of mine, P and 4 of her friends.

December also saw my second trip to Portsmouth to visit Jo ant Sugar and Spiced. It was a brilliant trip and the resulting photo shoot made me appreciate that its just possible that I might make a reasonable looking woman. At the end of the visit Jo and I went for another walk around some of the nearby streets. I travelled back from Portsmouth as Jenny, including having to walk a couple of hundred yards, pulling my bag, to my car. I drove back and paid a visit to Lou before finally making my way home with a short stop to change back to boy clothes and remove my make-up. This trip was the first time that I'd actually spent time fully dressed and made-up as Jenny but with just my natural hair and not a wig.

This month I had an appointment with the speech therapist. We ran through a series of tests. When I'm ready to go full time I can refer myself back to her for proper voice therapy lessons. In the meantime I have a humming exercise to do to get used to using my voice at the right frequency.

The year finally ended with me launching my own website which links back to this blog. I hope to develop the blog more during 2011. 

All in all the year was a very busy and momentous one. Throughout the course of it I did a lot of things that I would never have dreamed of. My confidence levels went up and up as Lou told me at one point. The change in me throughout the year was very obvious. Hopefully 2011 will be as good a year.

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