Friday, 8 October 2010

Making someone happy

I had another session with Amz at the salon yesterday.
Body wax, eyebrow wax and pluck and an eyelash tint.
Even Amz acknowledged just how long my hair had grown, not the body hair but the hair on the top of my head. At the start of the year my hair was very short, now it reaches down below the bottom of my ears.

Anyway, hair aside yesterday I did something that made Amz bounce around for joy.

When I first had my eyelashes tinted I went with a brown tint so that it wouldn't be at all noticeable.
After that first time I have had my lashes dyed black. However, Amz has been teasing me by asking if I was going to go for a blue/black tint each time I've seen her.
Yesterday I yet again responded to this suggestion by choosing the basic black.
As I was putting my things back on after the bodywaxing I turned to Amz and told her that next time I come, which is at the beginning of December, I will let her use the blue/black tint.

I swear that she jumped for joy! She was so excited and happy that she said that it was her Christmas present.

After I'd settled up and was heading out I reminded her about the next session and she was bouncing with happiness on her chair. She even said that she was going to write it down on the card she keeps notes of the session on.

Yesterday was a good day as I made someone really nice, really happy. I can't wait to see what she is like when I see her next.


  1. You're doing well at the salom, Jennifer

    Hugs sissygurl belinda

  2. I know, its wonderful isn't it.

    Amz said that her and my hairdresser have so many ideas for me when I'm in the position to be able to go with them.