Sunday, 24 February 2019

And breathe...

The last few weeks I've been dealing with a cold, just like everybody else that I know. It's sapped my energy, left me feeling tired and made my triathlon training less than consistent.

It also left me with time to move furniture around in the house as well as getting rid of some wardrobes and cupboards, and put together the replacement wardrobes.

Work has also made life a little more challenging because I've had to do a bit of travelling. Manchester, Hull so far, and London next week. Still it breaks things up and makes work that little bit more interesting. It also allows me to do things that help make life a little bit easier for others.

This weekend I managed to get in some consistent triathlon training. Yesterday was a 45 minutes run and today a double brick session; basically 30 minutes on the bike followed by a 15 minute run (repeated twice).

Next week I've got a lot of training to try and fit in around my trip to London. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get eveything done, although I'm not looking forward to next Sunday's mini brick session; a.k.a. doing the 30 minute bike/15 minute run three times and not just twice.

When I moved the furniture around the chest of drawers that we in Rhys' bedroom ended up in the main bedroom, all of the toy cars as well as other things that had been on top of his wardrobe ended up in the main room too. Placed on top of his chest of drawers. Almost like a shrine to him. This evening my other half decided that some things were going on top of the new wardrobe we put together for her yesterday. This included a number of the cars.

I don't have the energy to pursuade her to leave things where they are. As I sit here typing this I can hear her moving things around, in a bit I'll go and look see what she's done. I expect I'll be feeling sad after I see what she's done.

We've got rid of things that belong to Rhys since he died. We've moved stuff around, not kept things the same. It would have been very easy to keep his room exactly as it was before he died but that would have meant never using it again. Moving things around doesn't mean that we can't have reminders of Rhys around the house, putting the cars and things on top of the chest of drawers was my way of doing that, the same as having a card he used when I did the London Marathon stuck up on the wall of his bedroom. They are things that remind me of him and bring me comfort, I like being able to walk into a room and see something of his, it's almost like he's still around.

When I moved the furniture around I moved the computer desk and other cupboards in the box room I've been using as an office/study into Rhys' bedroom. It is bigger so it made sense to do it but it also means that I can spend time in Rhys' room, the room where he slept and spent time watching TV and playing games, without anyone questioning it. It's just one more way to be closer to him. It's a place I can slow down and catch my breath.

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