Thursday, 6 August 2015

Your thoughts

For some reason I've been struggling with what I've been posting recently. Admittedly there's been a lot of focus on surgery and recovering from it. Since that's a big part of what the blog is about then it would be silly to have avoided the subject.

No, the actual subjects I've been fine with. What I've not been happy with is my style of writing. I've been thinking that its getting more and more like I'm keeping a diary.

I enjoy writing, I enjoy blogging. I'm just not sure that people are enjoying what I'm writing and the way I'm presenting it.

At the end of the day this blog has always been about my journey since I started actually heading towards transition. Its covered the bits and pieces that undertaking a journey like this entails. At times it has included family events because even though being transgender and seeking gender reassignment is a very personal thing it impacts on so many others; family, friends, colleagues and many others. At other times it's covered my burlesque and sports endeavors because to some extent they have also been effected by my being transgender.

So now I need to decide where to go from here.

Do I keep going with this blog and include all of the things I have been? I've gotten to the end of surgical side of my journey. In about a year's time, if that, I'll be discharged from the Laurels and that part of my life will be behind me. All the surgical stuff, all the therapy, done and dusted. I wont really have much more to say about it.

Do I start some new blogs and keep the burlesque, the sports and transgender separate? If I go down that route then I'll probably start a new blog where I write about transgender themes but leave this blog here for anyone who is starting out on the same journey as I've been on.

Whichever way I go I'll certainly carry on blogging. Its just that it might be in a more focused way than at present.

So I'd like you thoughts on the matter. What is it about the blog that you like? Is there something that you'd like to see? Are there things that you'd like not to see? Have I written something that you've really liked or really hated? Please share your thoughts so I can take my writing and blogging forward in a way that people will enjoy reading.


  1. Hi Jenna
    Please keep on blogging.
    I think people love reading about how life changes, and how relationships develop. Burlesque looks great fun and it's interesting. Has your sexuality changed, is your wife concerned about this?
    Are you happy with the surgical results, is it as you expected?
    most of all, just have fun, fun, fun, when you can. Get out and live life as a gorgeous woman !
    love Kim x

    1. Hi Kim,
      Thank you for the feedback.
      I will carry on blogging and I'll think about some posts about sexuality and surgical results.
      I'm going to have a couple of separate blogs for the burlesque and triathlons which are separate to this one and will either link to posts on them from here or include the posts here as well.

      I'll definitely be getting out and having fun and if things are shaping up the way they seem to be then there's going to be lots of that before the end of the year.

      Jenna xx