Saturday, 4 April 2015

Rice Rice Boobie

When I got home on Thursday I found a letter from Brighton confirming my breast surgery with Mr Yelland.

The letter then went on to say that Mr Yelland should have asked me to perform a rice test, he didn't. In light of that I've had the delight of Googling the rice test to see exactly what has to be done. It doesn't need a lot to perform the test so having dug out the kitchen scales, a measuring jug, some tights that I didn't mind cutting up I was almost set. All I needed was the rice.

Well not being one to get too little of something that I might need I walked to our local Asda, I have a new toy so the walk helped me to reach my 10,000 step target for the day but that is the subject for another post.

Returning home with 3 kilograms of rice I quickly realised that I might have overdone it, especially when I ended up using less that 1kg. As much as I might like to have a reasonable size bust, breasts that weighed one and a half kilograms each would be a bit too much!!

Back home and it was time to perform the test. Out came the scissors and the feet of the tights were soon cut off.

Depending on where you find details of the test I found that the amount of rice that was suggested per cup size varied slightly. Picking the test here I got started and this is where things got messy. Its amazing just how easy it is to spill rice all over the place, table, floor it ended up everywhere. Fortunately most of it ended up in the jug. Having poured what I reckoned was enough rice for a C cup I emptied this into the remains of one of the tights (yes I used the foot so it didn't end up pouring straight through the hole in the legs of the top bit, that would have just been adding insult to injury if I'd done that).
Pouring out another lot of rice I this time aimed for what would be a B cup because I already have growth on one side so didn't need as much. Into the other foot went this rice and I ended up with what looked like rice filled implants.

For the first time in over two years I then had to dig out one of the bras that I wore when I first transitioned.

Rice filled bundles into the bra cups and on with a couple of tops to see the effect.

Result, one happy girl. Now I've just got to wear them to do the things I normally do and see how I managed with the weight. So far I can say that its actually OK. In fact considering that they are made out of tights and rice the are actually quite comfortable. I've so far watched television with them, cooked dinner and had a mock fight with my son. I'll probably carry on wearing them for the rest of the bank holiday weekend and include at least one if not both of the runs I have planned for this weekend in that so I have a good idea of what it will feel like to run with them.

Tuesday I'll email Mr Yelland's secretary and tell her the weights and volumes that I've used for the test, then in just over a month's time I'll have the delightfully gorgeous and charming Mr Yelland giving me real implants.

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