Thursday, 16 April 2015

Fans for the memories

I was told Monday evening that I'm not going to get bingo wings. Why? Well my new feather fans finally arrived and I took them to class.
My old red fans were quite light and a reasonable size, the staves were made from wood, so although not strong were good enough for practicing and for performing but I knew that in the long run I'd need something better. Hence the new fans.
The new fans are white with acrylic staves. They are slightly heavier and larger. In fact they are so large that its possible to hide some people behind them completely, and that's just using one fan, if I use both fans then I can hide just about all of me apart from my feet.
They are heavier though so using them began to cause my hands, wrists and forearms to ache. Their definitely something that I'm going to have to get used to and certainly will have to think twice about doing the Bim Bam routine that we've been learning with them, not just because of the size but also because of they don't move as fast through the air as smaller fans.
They are perfect for my True Love routine which I'll be aiming to perform for the rest of the troupe at the beginning of May.

It does seem that I'm moving more towards my burlesque specialising more in fan routines than anything else. I now have:-

One pair white swan feather fans
One pair red feather fans (in need of repair/rebuilding)
Two pairs long silk fans (one of which is lurking in the house)
One pair marabou hand fans
One pair plastic Chinese hand fans
Two (not a pair) metal stave Tai Chi fans
One wooden stave Tai Chi fan

And there is probably one more set of fans that I'll get getting at some point, just for use with Bim Bam, which it really growing on me and I would love to perform with one of the other girls.

My new fans


  1. Hi Jenna
    You look fan tastic.
    A gorgeous sensual woman.
    love Kim x

    1. Hi Kim,
      I'll try and stave off using any fan puns :-)

      I felt really sensual that evening, especially in the skirt I was wearing.

      Thank you for your lovely comment.

      Jenna x

  2. beautiful, looking lady, well sexy too luv

    1. Thanks for the comment Sam, glad your still reading the blog. We must catch up at some point xx

    2. Hi Jenna
      Sorry about the pun.
      You look incredible and I have been reading all of your previous posts to find out more about you. Wow!
      All of your hard work has really paid off and you deserve our adoration!
      Kim x

    3. Kim,
      Hi again. I liked the pun:-)
      Thank you again for the lovely comment. I hope you've enjoyed reading the blog.

      This might be a strange thing for me to ask but we don't know each other do we. It's just that I've recently got to know someone with the name Kim. Told you it was a strange thing to ask :-)

    4. Hi Jenna
      Yes, love the blog.
      I wish I did know you, but I live in Cheshire. I spend some time in London on business. It would be great to talk sometime. Incidentally, have you ever thought of going blonde? I think that it would really suit you and blondes have more fun!
      love Kim x

    5. Hi Kim,
      I started out with my hair a blonde colour when it was short and I was growing it out. I decided that I liked red hair a lot more so I've been slowly dying it redder every time I have it done.

      It would be nice to chat some time.


    6. Hi Jenna
      Maybe red heads can have fun as well !
      How shall we chat?
      Have a great weekend
      Kim x