Saturday, 17 January 2015

My first VLog

I know I've posted pictures of me before but you now get a chance to hear what I sound like. Feel free to let me know what you think of how I sound.

Oh, and I am wearing a strappy, camisole top, it just looks like I've got nothing much on.

Honest :-)


  1. Hi hon, congratulations on your big news! I hope everything goes well. You must be incredibly thrilled. It was lovely to get to finally see and hear you in the flesh (so to speak). Your voice, and accent, are as lovely as I imagined they would be. :c) I hope you do more videos, and soon.

    Take care, hon, and congratulations again!


    1. Thanks Cass.
      As you can imagine I'm super excited about it, been a long time coming.
      I'm not sure what my accent is anymore. Its certainly not what it started off as, although feel free to prove me wrong by guessing correctly :-) I sometimes give it away by the words and phrases I use.
      I had a speech therapy session last Thursday which was useful, it was more of a catch up as I'd not had one for a while. D, the therapist asked if I'd be interested in joining a group that she was thinking of starting up to give people the chance to work on exercises together. I'm hoping that it takes off, I said it would be a good opportunity to start up a small support group for everyone in our area as the nearest support group is about 30 minutes drive away and the GIC ones are over an hour drive, something that people can't normally make. Waiting to hear from her now.

      Hope everything is OK with you. Take care x