Thursday, 29 May 2014

Yeovil to Brighton

I've been a tad busy recently dealing with my son's illness. Its still a long journey ahead of us but we'll get there.

After my recent experience of getting told that laser wouldn't remove the hair that needs to be gone before I can have surgery I've managed to have the funding approved for electrolysis.

I've started with removing the hair and have 2 hours of electrolysis booked each month for the next two months. After that we'll see whether I can step up to an hour a week.

In the meantime I have my appointment with Mr Yelland and Mr Thomas the surgeons that will be operating on me at Brighton. My appointment with them is on the 29th July. Two months away but that is fine with me.

One step closer to my operation :-)


  1. Hi Jenna,

    I have just had my 2nd opinion and now await the final referral to Brighton so I can feel how glad you are that this is happening. I am lucky in that I can LASER off my hair and having had considerable facial electro, I know how hard that must be to endure in such an area!

    Here's to being complete in this regard :)


    1. Hi Lucy,
      Hope you get your referral to Brighton soon. I do wish that laser would have worked down below. My last electrolysis session ended up being 50 minutes as I found it really uncomfortable. Hopefully the next will be better as I should be able to get the Emla cream better applied I hope.
      My letter from Brighton arrived the other day and says no depilation for a minimum 3 weeks before the appointment. I'm hoping that means I can get away with my session on the 8th July as that's exactly 3 weeks before my appointment. That would be good because then I wont miss out on any of my planned sessions.

    2. I wasn't aware of the no depilation prior to pre-op appointment, but I suppose it makes sense, Mr. Thomas wants to see what there is down there. Electro is a much slower process and at least you wont be delaying any more. I know how bad an hour is on the upper lip, and wonder how that compares with down below.

      Lucy x

    3. It does make sense.
      I've had some electrolysis on my upper lip and there were a few times when it really hurt. The electrolysis down below isn't as bad but I've had a few times when it has stung though. Not completely unbareable but enough to make me wince.

    4. So few have electro at all now but it is good to find someone who does know how hard it can be. The place where I go, I am told I have the machine higher than anyone else and that's on the upper lip. Some sessions are very bearable and others, I am in tears.

      I wonder having dealt with this pain now, whether this prepares us better for the pain of GRS?

    5. I was lucky that the person doing my electrolysis had left a leaflet advertising her business at the GIC. She is based about 15 minutes drive away from home which is brilliant.

      I'm not sure how high the machine is for mine, last session we had to lower it a bit because it was hurting too much. I just need to apply lidocaine better next time.

      Unless your really lucky you're going to have to go through the pain of electrolysis at some point, there's only so much that laser can do. Going through something as painful as electrolysis is something that people need to be prepared for and shows that we don't do this on a whim.

      You might be right about the pain of electrolysis preparing us for any pain we might go through with surgery.