Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The clock struck one

This afternoon I had to finish work early, a bit unplanned due to a problem with our car. I'd arranged with my other half that she would bring the car to work at lunchtime so I could have it this evening to do a bit of shopping. Unfortunately when I went to start it, nothing. A few clicking noises but it wouldn't start.

I rang the breakdown people who sent someone out to have a look. It turned out that the car battery was kaput. The chap managed to jump start the car and suggested I take it to get a new battery, which is exactly what I did.

Unfortunately the shop that I got the replacement battery from didn't fit them so I found myself with an impromptu afternoon off in order to change the battery. Luckily the rain that had started just as we'd got the car going, stopped so I was able to do this little task while it was dry.

But I didn't mind. It could have been pouring down with rain and I'd have been happy.


When I got home I found a letter for me on the couch. One look at the envelope and I knew who it was from and what was inside it. On the envelope was the word Southmead. The place in Bristol where the Laurels sends us for our second opinions.

Carefully opening the I found a letter inviting me to an appointment with Dr Dan for my second opinion. Its still a while away, Ash Wednesday in fact. Not only will Lent be starting but I will be starting the next part of my journey to finally being physically myself.

Just waiting to go further around the clock.


  1. Congratulations, hon. Hope the big day gets here as soon as possible.

    == Cass

    1. Me too.
      Going to make the most it and hopefully spend it having a wander around Bristol before the appointment. Do a bit of retail therapy maybe :-)

    2. Retail therapy… the ultimate wonder drug. :D


    3. Might need to do a bit of shopping beforehand in order to work out what I'm going to wear.
      As much as I know that going in just jeans and a top would still allow me to show that I'm a woman and aware of how other women dress each day, its such a special day that I'd like to go put a bit of effort in.

  2. Those letters seem to take forever ! Glad its got to you and you have a date! Let's hope things go to plan and 2014 is the year....

    1. Hi Becca, it actually took longer for my letter from the GIC to be sent than it did for me to get my appointment letter through. Received a copy of the letter sent by my GIC on the 13th, got the appointment letter on the 22nd. Quite impressive as someone I know has been waiting 5 weeks for theirs.

    2. Oh, and yes hope everything goes to plan.
      I'm beginning to wonder if my initial Brighton appointment will come through as quickly after I've seen Dr Dan. On past experience when things happen for me then they don't take as long as everybody tells me they will.
      First appointment at the Laurels was 6 months before I expected it to be.