Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hot Guy

Ten pin bowling. A great game, which my family and I enjoy doing occasionally. Apart from my son who loves it and up until his bone marrow transplant used to play at our town's Saturday morning youth bowling club. After his transplant he eventually went back to playing for a while before deciding that he didn't have the strength and control and stopped going.

About 2 months ago he decided that he wanted to give it another try. We were in town on a Saturday morning and so popped into the bowling centre so he could say hi to everyone. At the same time his mum explained to one of the coaches that we'd always gotten on with about my transition.

For the last 2 months my son has been going along on a Saturday morning, when we've been home, and enjoying a morning of bowling, he's still getting back into things but he's having fun.

Each year our club gets together with some of the clubs from other local towns and has a series of tournaments. There's are a singles, doubles and team competition. Last Saturday was the singles tournament.

My son was told that as it was the singles tournament he could go along and play if he wanted as there wouldn't be any pressure on him to play well like there would be if he was part of team in the other tournaments.

So early on a frosty, Saturday morning we set of on the 30 minute drive to the bowling centre hosting the event. We were early so sat in the car waiting for other people to arrive and for it to open.

Eventually my son and his mum disappeared inside where she dropped him off before we headed off to do a bit of shopping.

An hour or so later we returned and she popped in to see how they'd done and collect him.

As I sat in the car I got a phone call to tell me that they were waiting for the presentation and that my son might have some news for me.

About 10 minutes later the pair of them appeared and got in the car. Yes, my son did have some news for me. Holding out his hands he showed me the medal he'd won. Not for taking part, not for coming third or even second. No, he'd only gone and won the tournament.

It seemed that he'd had an amazing game. In his first two games he'd scored over 148 and 153 respectively. In his final game he'd score 111.

At the end of his first game his score had been passed by his club mates from lane to lane. They had been that impressed.

When it came time for the presentations they had announced the winners in reverse order. Third place had achieved a total of over 400 points. Now they operate a handicap system and so third places score had their handicap applied. This meant that my son's score was going to be higher than that.

By now people were thinking that maybe he'd have gotten second place but when that was announced it wasn't him.

Finally, first place was announced and with a score of over 600 points he'd won, in fact he was the clear winner by over 50 pins. Well you can imagine the ribbing he got from his club-mates and the coaches. They were all proud of him and so were we. The rest of the day when we got back home was spent ringing various family members so that he could tell them about it.

After the tournament we took him to a Harvester restaurant to have lunch. I'd promised that I would take him and his mum there for ages so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.
Lunch was wonderful. The waiter referred to me and my other half as ladies throughout the meal and we felt really well looked after.
And this is where the title for this post comes in. Not my son's bowling achievement but our waiter.
Oh boy, was he hot looking. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Tall, dark and most decidedly handsome. As I said to my other half as we were walking back to the car. I'd not have kicked him out of my bed if I'd found him there on Christmas morning (or any morning or evening for that matter). Now I just need to figure out a reason to go back there again for a meal and maybe try a smoking hot dish this time ;-)


  1. Great post! Congratulations to your son!!!


  2. Thanks Cass, really proud of him.