Friday, 3 February 2012

Life Circle 2012 - Progress Report

Life Circle

This weeks task was to look at the tasks that we set ourselves to work on over the last couple of weeks.
Life, or rather work, has certainly got in the way of me achieving all of the goals I'd set myself. Even so I managed to make some headway with them.
Developing C# Programming ability
No progress on this. However, as far jobs and career goes I was told about a recruitment event being run locally by a company from Dorset. Its a similar line to what I already do so I filled in an application with my CV and got invited along to the recruitment event. It was my first interview as Jenna. I got to the hotel that it was being held at, put on my jacket, picked up my bag and a folder with my CV and went in. The receptionist directed me to where I had to go and a nice young lady looked over the details she had for me and we chatted briefly before she found someone for me to sit down and go over my CV with. We chatted for about 15 minutes and he said he'd be passing my CV on to their software manager as software wasn't his area but he was the best person to interview people about software that was there.

Get fit
At the moment I'm working late shifts, starting any time from 11am to 1:30 and finishing at 10pm. Things are busy at work. The advantage to this though is that I've got more time in the morning and so have been able to get to the gym first thing on several occasions and still have enough time to get myself ready for work. Its been hard work but I realised that I needed to do it when I found doing some leg work at burlesque class really caused my thighs to hurt.
I've also managed to get a couple of runs in which has helped with a challenge that I've been taking part in on a running forum that I'm a member of.
Running or cycling over the weekend was difficult as I needed to sort out the garden and bedroom on Saturday and also had to go into work on Sunday, I'll be so glad when we reach the middle of February as work will be back to normal, although I've got to get it agreed with my management that I'll come in a bit late on a Tuesday and Thursday and work on, so that I have time to get to the gym in the morning for an hour.

Decorate small bedroom
Sadly I've not made any progress on this. I did manage to take two of the big boxes that needs sorting downstairs so that the rest of the family can go through them. There's nothing really in them that I want to keep, other than a few videos that I want to copy to DVD.

Tidy garage and garden
I spent Saturday afternoon moving all of the rubbish that was stacked in the garden into a pile and sorting it into so that it can be taken to the dump. The 18 bags of rubble that were stacked in the garage have been moved to an out of the way spot in the garden until they can be disposed of.

The stuff that has to go to the dump has been piled up for a while, taunting me. I eventually placed it in the back of the car and low and behold the entire lot will only take one trip to get rid of! OK, the entire boot and back seats are full but it is still one trip. I really should have done this ages ago.

There's still some garden waste to get rid of but that will be another quick trip, the garden will almost be tidy then, anything else that we have to get rid of can go out with the general household waste when our bin men come later in the week.

So hopefully by the end of next weekend we'll have a garden that just needs the grass mowing and weeding when the weather picks up again.

I think that the reason that I've not managed to make progress on some of these is because work has been so busy, I'm averaging between 9 and 10 hour days and also working a Sunday. By the time I get ready for work in the mornings I've not got any real time to do anything. When I get back from work its gone 10pm. By the time that half term is over things will be a lot easier, I hope, as I'll have more time on the weekends to do these little tasks.


  1. its amazing what we put off and then find it wasn't so bad! good luck with job and getting fitter :-)

  2. I think what you need to do is set yourself some actions that can be achieved in the timeframe I gave you bearing in mind your other commitments. No-one is going to get a lot fitter in two weeks, even if they exercise 24x7 and who has the time for that?

  3. Sounds like you've make some good headway there. Doing something like taking a load of stuff to the dump is always a massive acheivement! Good luck with the C programming. That career event sounded promising.


    1. I should be able to make some progress with the C as it should appear on my work computer like magic when I get into work on Tuesday. Strangely I've also now got to start picking up JAVA because I've been offered a new role at work which means I might have to do some programming in that :-)

      The recruitment event wasn't as good as it sounded. There wasn't anyone from their software development area there and it looked like they were looking for mechanical engineers :-(

      At least it gave me the chance to see how I coped with something that was a bit like an interview, something I've not done in 14 years.