Monday, 9 February 2009

Shopping Trip

Well I've been on shopping expedition and it was fun and expensive.

I went to Exeter, in South West England, and went in to Debenhams department store as I'd had a look at they're website and decided what I wanted to get. They didn't have a red dress that I had looked at. They might be getting it in and its part of a set a woman assistant who helped me said.

Yes I went up to one of the assistants to find out where the dress would be. She was very helpful, so helpful in fact that when I showed her the picture of the shawl I was looking for she took me to where it would be and asked the male assistant in that area where it might be. He told us where to look and then when we headed off in the wrong direction took us straight to the item and got it off the rail for me. She was really chatty which I found really enjoyable. This was probably the first time I've been in a store buying clothes when I didn't feel uncomfortable.

I was left to wander around the store with this shawl draped from my arm.

I popped in to the Red Herring section to look for a black frill shirt dress but they didn't have any. They did have a red one so I picked up one of those.

The red frill shirt dress is extremely short, well above my knees which aren't my best feature.

Anyway, I'm going to have to get a pair of red 4 inch high heels to wear with it. To give you an idea of what its like its has about 3 layers of frills at the hem of the skirt, stops about 3 inches above my knees and I've already nicknamed it my hooker dress because if I wear it anywhere then I'm sure to get propositioned by men and called a tart by women.

After that I went to the Betty Jackson, Black section to get a taupe tie waist dress that I'd decided would look good for my appointment at the Albany Clinic. It does look good when teamed with the shawl, of course I'm probably going to have to get a new handbag as I don't think that the ones I have quite go. I need one with a longer strap that I can put over my shoulder.

I wandered back into the Red Herring denim area and picked up a pair of bootleg jeans and a camisole, the latter as it was free with the jeans.

With all of that lot draped over my arm I decided it was time to pay and went to the cash desk. The assistant there was very friendly, an older woman, and we had a nice chat while she was scanning my clothes and I was paying. I'm sure that she didn't realise that I was buying them for myself but who knows. For once I actually didn't feel awkward buying things in a shop, especially things for me.

Once I'd finished in Debenhams I decided to pop into Marks & Spencer and get some new lingerie. I came out with two bra and panty sets, one in black and the other in a pale tan colour. In addition to that I picked up a vest style top and three more pairs of panties.

At that point I made my way back to the car, making a quick stop in Next, but without buying anything, and then Peacocks, where I picked up a purse and umbrella.

After that I returned to the car and drove back home.

During my drive to and from Exeter I wore a pair of womens stud earings and flat shoes in the car. I wore the flats to make sure that I could drive in them as I intend to wear them for the drive to Manchester.

Since my trip I've been on the Debenhams website and ordered another dress from the Betty Jackson range. I guess I'm just a Betty Jackson kind of girl as I adore her outfits.

I've added some links to the dresses I bought yesterday for you to see.

Dress and shawl for Manchester.

Hooker dress

Can't decide between the taupe or black and white dress to where to the appointment now though.

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