Sunday, 8 March 2015

Treading the Light Fantastic

I've written about my burlesque experiences so many times throughout this blog, and especially the wonderful women that I've been privileged to learn, rehearse and perform with.

Well after a bit of a break from it because I've not gone to Pink Kitten for a long time I've found somewhere local to go to.

Its the place I've gone to for a couple of workshops. After trying to get to classes for ages a few weeks ago I finally managed to get to the general class. This is for anyone who wants to learn burlesque through the medium of learning choreographed routines. After the first week I finally got around to setting up a Facebook page for my burlesque alter-ego Mira D'Glass.
The second week when I turned up I was asked if I wanted to join the group that worked on routines for performing in front of audiences. Of course I agreed at once, and from doing nothing burlesque for ages I'm now doing 3 hours of classes per week and learning a number of routines that the others are already familiar with.

All this is great, although it does mean that over the course of the next month I have to get back up to speed with my True Love fan routine as I've said I'll perform it for everyone next month. I'm also going to have to get up to speed with my Stone Soul Picnic routine for the month after that.

After that I'm going to have a some time off but when I do start back again then I'll be looking to perform some of the routines we've been practicing as a group, and also start looking at developing some of the ideas I've had waiting to be worked on for a while.

I know that some of the girls at Pink Kitten knew my background. The person taking the classes at my new place is aware of it, one of the other ladies could possibly be aware of it but I'm not sure. As for the rest I genuinely don't know. If they know or suspect then they aren't showing it.

Regardless of whether people know or not I've now found another group of wonderfully amazing, and ever so slightly (or not so slightly) crazy women who I'm so glad to be getting to know, rehearse and party with.

Of course, getting back into burlesque does have its disadvantages. I see corsets and awesome feather fans appearing in the very near future*.

Still its good to be back doing something I love and stretching myself learning new routines.

* Next weekend, assuming I can decide between the £140 pair of professional quality fans or the £250 pair. A phone call to the company doing them is in order on Friday.

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