Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hormone Update

I've been on hormones now for 3 months, I've just finished my third pack of Evorel patches so its easy to keep track. I thought that I'd just do a quick update on how I've been getting on with them.

I noticed about a month after starting on the patches that mentally and emotionally I was a lot calmer. Over the last two years I'd noticed that my moods were going through phases where at one point, just prior to asking for a referral to the Laurels, I was feeling really depressed and suicidal at least once a month. That all culminated with overdosing on paracetamol for several weeks last year until I ended up at A&E seeking help.

When I transitioned in January a lot of stress came off me but I was still having periods where I was feeling down, then I started on my patches and things changed.

I still feel low at times but nowhere as low as I was, life does get on top of me at times but my emotions aren't going all over the place and I'm able to think about things rationally. A lot of things have happened recently which at one point would have sent me into deep depression but now I'm able to look at them and think about them a lot more calmly, and even to do things about them. More about that in another post.

Physically, the hormones have not been having a big effect. I know that it takes a while for things to start to happen, typically 3 to 6 months I believe. Last week though I noticed the start of some physical effects.

For the ladies that are reading this I can only assume that what I've noticed was what you all experienced when you went through puberty.

Last week I noticed that my nipples were starting to feel sore when I touched them or there was pressure on them. As I sleep on my front that is pretty much every night. I think this is the first physical effect of the hormones that I've experienced.

I know that its still too early for any real signs of breast growth but I do keep looking. I also caught myself looking at my hips and bum the other day to see if there was any signs of changes there! Its going to be so funny the first time I try on some clothes and start thinking does my bum look big in this!

I've waited a long time to finally be me, its nice to see the physical changes happening to finally give me the body I should have been destined to have when I was born.

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