Sunday, 16 October 2011

The way ahead

I'm planning on starting my Real Life Experience on the 9th January.

Here's the rough plan timetable for my transition. I know its going to sound really clinical but its the easiest way for me to work out everything I need to be doing.

24th October
Meet with personnel to start firming up the plans for dealing with things at work.
Meet with some friends at my vicar's house in order to talk about the way ahead for us as a family.

25th October
Going to Bristol, going to see friends at burlesque class and then going to see my oldest friend and his wife  before coming home. Time to explain to them what is happening. Dreading this conversation.

Early November
Meet with the SENCO and Nurse at my son's school to let them know what is happening so that they can make arrangements to provide my son with any support that he needs.

15th November
Complete Deed Poll changing name in preparation for going full time.

21st November
Next appointment at The Laurels with the counselor. Go over what I've done to date, what I think I've still got to do and when I'm planning on doing them.

End November, beginning December
Start informing everyone who needs to know of the change of name. For instance change driving license, bank, doctors etc.

December 16th
Project Christmas meal and last day at work as Bill.

December 20th
Go back into work for an hour in order to announce what is happening to my immediate colleagues. Email will then go out to the rest of the company informing them of my change.

January 9th
Return to work as Jenna.


  1. Quite the schedule. Sounds like you have everything pretty much under control.

    Best wishes for everything to go smoothly,

    Hugs and Prayers,


  2. Wow... congrats on your progess in your femme journey...