Saturday, 24 September 2011

Notes from a young man

In the last week I've found two notes written to me by my son.
The first one I found last Sunday morning slotted in between the keyboard and screen on my laptop:

Dad do you love me and my mum as much as you want to be a woman or do you not want me to love you as much as I did before you decided to do this. Think about this again for me and my mum before your appointment.
ps. Don't show mummy or talk about it.

He wrote that note after his mum had decided to discuss things with him last Saturday when I was out for the evening. I found out that he got upset when they were talking. What I haven't found out yet from either of them is what they discussed. I have tried but strangely neither of them can remember what was said. I did find some comments that my other half posted on Facebook. Don't know whether my son saw these comments because as soon as I did I told her that she shouldn't be making the sort of comments that she put because our son could see them, later that afternoon I couldn't find the comments so she might have removed them.

The second one I found this morning as I was sorting out some stuff:

I don't want to lose my mum like you because I'm starting to.

Maybe he did see the comments, maybe not. Either way his mum is showing him more that she is showing me.

I knew that this would be hard for everyone, didn't realise that my little boy would end up unable to talk to me and would resort to leaving me notes.


  1. It's obvious he's finding the change in the family unit hard to deal with. While he's putting distance between you and him nontheless he's expressing his emotions to you.
    FB? Your partner put that their probably thinking about their own needs and didn't consider how they'd impact on your son. We adults do stuff like that but it's important both of you consider how anything you may say on Social Media may effect him before pressing submit.
    It's very odd your son and your partner can't recall what was said at their conversation. I am wondering if the subject of who may have the main responsibility for him at some stage may of been mentioned?
    All I can say say is hold on as what was said is bound to come out.
    All my love, Caroline

  2. Caroline,
    Hopefully I'll find out soon as I've been in touch with the nurse that has been talking with him today and she has said to remind him that she is missing their cake and chat sessions. With luck he'll get together with her next Monday.
    In the meantime I've got to get in touch with his school to explain things to them.
    I'm very careful about putting things on Social Media that he might read. When I responded to my other halves comments I did so in a direct message. Didn't want to start airing things where people that didn't know could see.