Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Assessment Number 2

Today was the second of my three assessments with a counsellor at The Laurels. It was quite a pleasant experience as the counsellor is really friendly and she's easy to talk to.

We went over some of what we'd discussed at the last appointment then carried on as I filled in more of my background and feelings.
Next session we were going to go over my educational background but with 10 minutes to spare we were able to go over that there and then. I expect we might dig into that a bit more.

Before next session all of the notes that have been taken will be typed up and I'll get to read them to and we can make any tweaks that are necessary where things are missing or need expanding upon.

After the next session  I'll get an appointment to see one of the doctors who will then make an official diagnosis as to whether I have gender dysphoria or not. If the doctor does make that diagnosis then he'll write to my GP to let her know and I officially move into phase 2 of treatment which will be where I change my name and begin my Real Life Experience. Throughout my RLE I'll see the counsellor every six weeks and the doctor every three months.

One step further on, one step closer to where I want to be. Roll on September 6th when I have my next appointment and get the date to see the doctor.


  1. Funny how you need that "official assessment" of something you've known all your life! As Caroline says, best of luck, girl.

    Calie xx

  2. Caroline, thanks.

    Calie, I know its funny. I'm sure that having gone through two sessions and got my history and all the details that the doctor needs to make a decision that the counsellor will have a good idea what that decision will be. I suppose she can't say anything in case the doctor decides differently. Perhaps her comments are her way of telling me what she things the decision will be. As soon as I have the decision I'll be posting here, there and everywhere. :-) If its the right decision then I think there might be cause for a couple of celebrations.

    In fact it would be great if I could get an appointment with the doctor before the 17th September, unlikely though it is, as I've got some friends who are going to be in town that evening and it would be fab to celebrate with them.