Saturday, 25 April 2009

Thoughts on Cogiati results - appearances

I've done this test a couple of times over the years so I'm not convinced how accurate the results are. I think that like any of these tests you can learn to do the test and certainly with this one I think that you can answer in a way that will get you the result you want.

In this case I tried to answer as honestly as possible.

Am I androgynous?

In a way yes as I have to go about my daily life as a male so can only be female when I have the chance at home (at the moment).

That said over the years I've played with my image to some extent.

I've got both my years pierced and actually got them done at the same time which was an interesting experience as I was off to America to work for several weeks right after I had them done so spent the entire trip with studs in my ears. Nobody said a thing to me the entire time. The flight back to the UK was mre interesting. All I can say is Virgin have some gorgeous air hostesses (wish I was one of them) and never ever try to take a earing out on a plane if you've only just had them pierced. I has so much trouble trying to put them back in on the flight. I might have even had to resort to getting the help of one of the air hostesses but my memory is kind of hazy about that.

I grow my nails long and then cut them back short every so often. I've used nail growth varnish on them as well as anti-biting solutions to stop me from nibbling on them. I've smoothed, buffed and polished them. Outside work I've polished them to a high shine. In work not so high. I don't tend to wear polish on my nails when I'm at work. That's not to say I wouldn't like to but I've struggled to find anywhere that does clear, matt varnish so far. The day I find some is the day I start wearing it to work and everywhere else.
I did actually wear some base coat and top coat one time at the last place I worked. I'd even polished my nails. As luck would have it I had to help a colleague with a task and as I work with computers it involved typing something on the keyboard. Normally the chap in question didn't pay attention to what I was telling him, hence having to help him out. On this occasion, however, he noted my fingernails and asked me if I was wearing polish. Of course I flat denied it and told him that it was just the way my nails normally looked.
When I work away from home then I've done my toenails the first night I arrive at a hotel and then spend the rest of the time with them painted, only taking the polish of at the last possible moment.

With clothes it varies. I tend to like blues, blacks and reds so both my male and female clothes are a mixture of these, although I've got a delightfuly green halter neck dress and a lovely chocolate brown satin look one. I've yet to get any male clothes in the same colours, I think a shopping trip for some male clothes is on the cards to remedy that.
I've had some really colourful shirts in the past, one in particular is memorable because a friend who was a pub landlady actually had a blouse in very similar colours. I use to think of her in that blouse whenever I wore that shirt.

When I've fully made up and slipped into some lingerie I've worn male clothes over the top. I've felt so natural dressed like that (probably more so that when I've worn the clothes without the make up and lingerie). I have no problem with presenting a female image while wearing male things, after all gender females do it on a daily basis.

Lastly hair. At the moment I have a very short hairstyle for convenience as I'm doing a lot of swimming, running and cycling. Being able to shower and dry my hair quickly has its advantages. So does being able to wear a wig without getting to hot and messed up hair. However, I'm going to let it grow out with the aim of getting it own to shoulder length so that I can do away with the wig and put my own hair into some feminine styles.
I did go through a phase where I grew my hair out and it reached the point where I had to pull it back into a pony tail (not a very long one but pulled back it was). My hairdresser was very good and competely understanding, especially when I told her why I was growing it. Once it was long enough I loved going to get my hair done as after she had tidied it up she alway ran the straighteners through it and I would leave with absolutely straight hair framing my face. A unisex style though.

So I think that from an appearance point of view I am somewhat androgynous as I enjoy playing with my appearance and even as a full time female I would still want to play with my appearance but I would go more in the feminine direction rather than the masculine.

Oh wow I am going to have so much fun one of these days when I have my body the way I want it.

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